Creating Vocabulary of Kind Words

Creating Vocabulary of Kind Words

How mothers can help children become happy 

Modern youth actively participates in the county’s life. The future of our plane directly depends on worldview of growing generation. That is why it is important to instill right moral values from childhood and teach people to consciously treat their thoughts and actions. 

Every child has abilities or talents. They can be intellectual, creative or leadership. Adults’ task is to help children choose the right way and to find themselves. To do so, the Global Talents internet project aimed at additional education of the growing generation is being realised in Russia. The portal uses unique methods for the identification, development and promotion of talents as well as assistance in social realisation of students. 


Participants of the project communicate with one another both online and in real life. The kids share knowledge and ideas as well as discuss the most serious issues. Thus, this year, the schoolchildren took part in the Ministry of Happiness polylogue within the Patrium summer school. There, they all together tried to answer how to be happy and bring joy to people around. 

The children spoke very wise and thoughtful words. Everyone saw happiness in their own way but nobody mentioned material values in their reasoning.


Here are several examples of how modern children see happiness:

Yulia Kulikova, 10 years old, Ryazan: “Happiness is a warm you feel and present to others. You need to be yourself and always share kindness and joy with others. Then, they will return you a favor”. 

Aleksandr Almatov, 16 years old, St. Petersburg: “Happiness is a great human power inspiring to grow and giving energy to move forward”. 

Tatyana Lisitsa, 17 years old, Moscow: “People should think about consequences of their actions and outer manifestation of their emotions. It is important that they do not harm the world and people around. It depends on people whether the future of our planet will be happy or not”. 


Darya Tsyba, 10 years old, Rostov Region: “People have to learn to put the sadness away because all negative emotions are contagious like disease. It is important that people themselves want to be happy”. 

Dariya Lysova, 14 years old, Makhachkala: “I think if people learn to sympathise with other people, be kind and attentive, the whole world will become happier”. 

Yelena Stepanova, 16 years old, Penza: “Happiness is when people do what they love, fully realise their potential, and fell steady movement forward in all spheres of life”. 

It is pleasant to realise that the growing generation is able to feel so small and think so deep. 


Of course, children form their worldview in the family, at school, and in the internet environment. That is why the task of every parent is to help children fill their hearts with the right content. 

Within the new contest season on the Global Talents web portal, part of tasks is related to creating and publishing the Modern Vocabulary of Important Words. It will contain definitions of such terms as ‘friendship’, ‘love’, ‘happiness’, ‘Motherland’, ‘mom’, and ‘family’ suggested by schoolchildren from different regions. 


Such a vocabulary will let adults better understand children and children think about important and serious concepts. Formulating right thought forms will allow kids building the necessary trajectory of development. Of course, it is important that there are mentors near children at that moment. The mentors will show them the right direction. Mother, as the closest person for children, can help them in that. 

We invite our readers, mothers, grandmothers, and colleagues, to think with their children about the most important words for them and values having a special meaning in families. 


The Global talents’ project is in tune with the policy of the Eurasian Women’s Community, which stands for creating a positive information environment and responsible attitude of people to information they distribute. 

We are sure that mothers from all over the world will join creating and publishing the Modern Vocabulary of Important Words. By joint efforts we will create a unique vocabulary that will be translated into different languages distributed among different countries. 

We are launching the world flash mob related to how children see the world around and with what senses they fill their life. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin