Startup Village 2019 in Skolkovo

Startup Village 2019 in Skolkovo

Tour of the Innovation Centre

On May 29-30, Skolkovo Innovation Centre hosted the 7th annual startup conference for tech entrepreneurs. The event brought together several thousand specialists from all over Russia and other countries. The territory of the innovation centre is rapidly developing. Every year, Skolkovo inspires and amazes the festival guests with its new projects, buildings, and other innovation objects. Yekaterina Inozemtseva, Director General of Skolkovo Forum, told more about the innovation centre.

Yekaterina Inozemtseva - Director General of Skolkovo Forum

Skolkovo is a place where a number of offices and laboratories are located. It has a highly-developed engineering infrastructure. The territory of the innovation centre is the venue for various tech startups that have the ability to rent not only the spaces but also special equipment for research and development activities.


According to Yekaterina Inozemtseva, much attention is paid to ensuring a comfortable living and social structure. One can’t buy a flat in Skolkovo but one can rent it. The increasing number of parks, playgrounds, and shops are appearing at the centre’s territory. The first school out of several planned has already been opened for children aged 2 years or older. The educational process bases on Russian and international standards. Russia’s leading professors and Skoltech professors are the teachers there. The school focuses on engineering and technological training as Skolkovo University does.

The territory of the innovation centre is actively developing and becoming a more comfortable place to work and to live in.


Some startupers are the residents of nearby towns. Comfortable transport communication was provided specially for them and visitors of the innovation centre.

The whole Skolkovo system aims at support and development of the five key fields: IT, biomedical technologies, energy efficiency technologies, and industrial technologies (subdivided into nuclear and space technologies).

The school and university educational programmes in Skolkovo are focused on these fields of knowledge. “In addition to main subjects, the programme includes robotics classes, a number of additional courses taught by qualified specialists including startupers”, explains Ms. Inozemtseva.


Skolkovo is a comfortable platform for effective communication between startups, partners, and industrial companies.

Many major companies place their research centres at the territory of Skolkovo. They cooperate with startups, use their services in research and development fields, and engage in joint activities.

“We actively cooperate with industrial companies in the format of educational and acceleration programmes. We help them find the necessary startups and carry them out in accordance with all the requirements of customers”, she says.

Skolkovo supports the best tech startups from all over Russia at their early and mid-stage of development. For that, the innovation centre’s team regularly conducts special tours of different cities.


Skolkovo’s regional operators began to emerge several years ago. “There is a number of technoparks, incubators, and innovation centres throughout Russia. We share with them the results of our work on creation of a comfortable environment and advice on how to attract investors, what acceleration programmes it is necessary to launch, and what areas for development they should choose”, commented Director General of Skolkovo Forum.

Today, the innovation centre has upwards of 10 regional operators located in Vladivostok, Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, and other Russian cities.


Skolkovo is gradually turning into a major innovative city. Every spring, thousands of people from Russia and other countries visit it to take part in the largest conference for tech entrepreneurs. This year, the Startup Village festival in the open-air format was held for the seventh time. More than 750 meetings took place within the event. Startupers received the opportunity to meet investors, borrow the experience and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs from different countries, and present their projects at a contest or innovative market. The largest tech corporations, authorities, and representatives of development institutions, in their turn, could discuss technology trends and ways of how to form a new generation of Russian entrepreneurs.

As emphasized by Yekaterina Inozemtseva, she was greatly impressed and inspired by the contest projects.


Not only contest participants had a unique opportunity to consult professional mentors when preparing presentations. This year, meetings with mentors were organised for all those wishing.

“Startup Village is the event that is able to inspire its participants to great deeds. Even those who do not win in the contest of projects charge with positive emotions. Startup Village helps every participant enrich his or her amount of knowledge, skills, and contacts”, finished Yekaterina Inozemtseva.

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov