Stones Should Be Treated with Feeling

Stones Should Be Treated with Feeling

Vladlena Kopiewskaya fell in love with stone 

Stone is a cold and magnificent material, but at the same time, it is elegant and fragile. Working with stone is a hard job: a master has to put their soul into it to tame the material. Stone has always played the special role in Vladlena Kopiewskaya’s life. She knows many of its secrets and creates extraordinary pieces of jewelry that often become actual talismans. Ms. Kopiewskaya currently runs folk artistic craft enterprise working with exceptional simbircites. 

Vladlena Kopiewskaya - Owner of KOPIEWSKI STONES stone carving enterprise 

Simbircite is the amazingly beautiful mineral that can only be mined in one place in the world, which is Ulyanovsk Oblast. Those stones are fossilised molluscs that lived 120 million years ago and are now filled with various combinations of minerals. They got their name from the previous name of the city of Ulyanovsk – Simbirsk. 

Vladlena Kopiewskaya’s enterprise specialises in mining and manufacturing stone products: jewelry, decorative elements for interior design, and miniature models of airplanes, helicopters, and cars. 


KOPIEWSKI STONES is a family business started by Ms. Kopiewskaya’s father. Our interlocutress and her spouse now own the enterprise. 

Vladlena Kopiewskaya graduated from the Design Faculty of Moscow Power Engineering Institute. She likes creating unique and beautiful stone products and she is great at stone working. Besides, Ms. Kopiewskaya has been captivated by simbircite’s beauty since she was a child. Eventually, her husband also fell in love with the stone. He is now in charge of the marketing part of the family business. 

Our heroine said: “Each stone has its own energy. Those who felt it once by touching the minerals cannot live without them.” 

According to Ms. Kopiewskaya, simbircites possess powerful positive energy. This topic was even reflected in one of Ulyanovsk’s doctoral theses. 

Today, there is a technology of diabetes prevention using simbircite carpet. 

Working with stones is hard. One has to know their characteristics and structure so as not to damage them while working. It is not just a toilsome and time-consuming job, but also a deeply spiritual one, as one has feel the stones. 

Vladlena Kopiewskaya considers her job a craft, not business. That is because she puts her soul in everything she does. 

Our interviewee pays considerable attention to staffing. All the masters take special training within the enterprise. 

Ms. Kopiewskaya is sure that it is essential for every woman to acquire inner peace. One does not have to find it in their work or love exclusively. The world is full of things that can give you harmony. Maybe someone will find it in the energy of stones. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov