More and more women take leading positions on the world political stage. They inspire other women to believe in themselves and achieve any goals. The news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community continues to introduce women-leaders from different countries. 

It is wonderful how many things we can learn about a person from one little note. Yet, it has so much left in it. The profile of Baleka Mbete, Chairperson of the National Assembly of the RSA, on the parliamentary site says that the politician is fond of art, mostly music and poetry. The art has always taken a special place in her life. It was art that introduced her to her former husband Keorapetse Kgositsile, exiled writer and activist, and inspired her to self-sacrificing deeds for citizens’ sake. 


Mbete’s biography looks like an adventure story of a strong heroine whose life is full of remarkable events. She got a teaching certificate but taught children only for a year. Her life took a drastic turn in 1976: she started to collaborate with the African National Congress. The organisation was restricted on the territory of the RSA at that moment but its liberal ideas attracted Baleka Mbete. In 1976, she left the country with the help of the ANC. A new chapter of her life began. As a representative of the ANC, she arrived at Swaziland where she became a teacher in Mbabane, capital of the country. In 1977, the politician became the First Secretary of women section of the ANC, which was situated in Tanzania. She helped exiled women adapt to express her opinion to discrimination policy of Republic of South Africa that continued until 90s. 


As a member of the ANC, Baleka Mbete visited many countries bordering the RSA. She showed active citizenship during coups, achieved success in creative activity being a head of writers and music divisions of Medu-Gaborone art ensemble, and taught at Nairobi University. 


In 1990, the ANC achieved legitimisation. 4 years after, it became ruling party of the RSA. Baleka Mbete returned to her country that summer. She was appointed Secretary General at the first national conference of the women’s league of the ANC. Later she became a deputy. Now she takes the post of the chairperson of the African National Congress. 


Baleka Mbete is one of those politicians who contributed a lot to development of the RSA allowing it to become a strong state. 

It is not an accident that we mentioned a short note at the beginning of that article. It told us about one of many of her aspects: a creative one. Everyone knows that freedom is a basis of any creativity. In case of Mrs. Mbete it escalated into love to the Motherland. 

Sukhrob Sharipov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin