Today, there are a number of marketing strategies for business development and practices for personal development. In her interview, Diana Belotserkovskaya, higher education teacher, coach, and head of the project Integral Education in Novosibirsk, shares what one should pay attention to in self-development and when working on oneself. 

According to her, in business and personality developing it is necessary to focus on the evolutionary tasks of humanity. 

“The evolutionary tasks of humanity are a consequence of the natural growth of consciousness which sets trends for centuries. They will have a high degree of influence and stability irrespective of the fact whether you realize it or not. This is a powerful energy that will initiate and awaken in the person’s mind, causing new needs”, said Diana Belotserkovskaya. 

In her opinion, it is important that human activities lead to spiritual growth and reveals potential strength hidden deep inside. For this, one needs to be in balance with the higher forces and tasks. 

“Just imagine that all information in the form of thoughts and ideas is in space. In order to receive a mental package in the form of a unique idea, you need to send a request. The request is the concentration of your energy. Uniqueness of the ideas you receive will depend on the power of this energy”, she commented. 

When a person consciously focuses on evolutionary tasks, he or she strengthens the energy-information interaction in space, enforces his or her energy potential. Thanks to this, people create unique business projects. 

“This is called breathing in tandem with the source of inspiration. When breathing in you receive knowledge and ideas and then turn them into a product of your creative work. One just needs to learn to breathe properly”, she added. 

For a long time humanity solved the evolutionary task related to developing intellect. This goal was achieved. However, the mind can’t cope with what lies beyond the limits of logical thinking. The human nervous system developed and thinned in the course of intellectual evolution. Today, a new mental-emotional state is available to people. It has no time and space boundaries, it is straight-knowledge, the supreme knowledge. It is the synthetic ability of a person to know himself or herself, other people, the world around him or her without logical reasoning. Everyone knows this ability. Usually we call it intuition.

Over time, this will become an integral part of a person's life thanks to spiritual discipline and awareness of the importance of the heart and the soul. 

“This means that we lived in the cult of the intellect, building the entire system of our activities on it. However, all the trends of today lead to the formation of the cult of the heart, that adds to the five senses the sixth one, which is straight-knowledge”, said Diana Belotserkovskaya. She believes that the leading role in the future will belong to people with a big heart, high potential of energy, which depends on spiritual accumulation and conscience subtlety. 

Diana believes, now humanity has new tasks leading to the development of psychic energy, women’s spiritual revival, and the unity of the material and spiritual nature of people. To realise it fully, the interviewee offers to look at human needs through evolutionary tasks and understand how the needs of others have changed recently, what people do to support them, and how these needs can change with time. In her opinion, these observations can form the basis of plans for life and business. For example, the development of psychic energy can affect the sense of smell, which is one of the main channels of information perception. This contributes to people’s need for clean ecological space. With time, a person comes to an idea that he or she must breathe fresh air. Thus, the society always has a request for a country life. Residents of cities move to forests and banks of rivers. They begin to create associations of people with higher values ​​and rules. 

Speaking about evolutionary tasks, the interviewee paid special attention to the spiritual development of women. By nature women have sensitive hearts and consequently straight-knowledge. According to Diana Belotserkovskaya, women will better feel the spiritual needs of society. They will be able to lead men and in cooperation with them to support the spiritual needs of people through new forms of activity in business, science, art, education, medicine, and other fields. 

There are different ways to develop straight-knowledge. The method is a practice of awareness, presence, and care in every aspect and moment of life. This is called the integral approach, i.e. ethics of life, yoga of life. Its main idea is the balance of the inner world of a person, his or her individual behavior, interaction with people and society. The development of your heart may require certain conditions of life and discipline. 

“When you have no time to understand anything, ask yourself what your heart thinks. It will be easier to do this with your eyes closed the first time. Divide everything what happens into categories: I hear, I see, I feel. Apply this technique to everything you do. For example, when negotiating, taking decisions, and communicating with children. If you follow this rule even when before eating, you will forget about trying to lose weight. You will be very good at tracking food quality and controlling hunger. Use this method and improve all your life”, she said. 

Many countries introduce an integral approach in the fields of business, education and children upbringing. Over time, more people are able to use this method. They develop not only their minds, but also consciousness and feelings, and through their activity change this world for the better. According to Diana Belotserkovskaya, in Russia, integral initiatives are manifested in education, for example, in Novosibirsk. 

Today Diana works on development and holding of educational programmes called Teacher from the Heart Planet for primary schoolchildren. The programme is dedicated to thought forms and thought creation, the properties of mental energy and the abilities their hearts provide. Diana also delivers Professional Vocation lectures to senior schoolchildren. Her students study theories of development of consciousness, awareness practice, and scenario planning. The annual program called Integral Development and Career Management is held on the basis of the Siberian Institute of Management, a branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Diana talks with teaching staff about theories of development of consciousness. On its basis, she explains why children do not always listen to teachers and tries to help implement an integral approach in education. Moreover, Diana Belotserkovskaya is the author of workbooks that include information about the integral human nature and its development. 

The interviewee also provides individual training and work in small groups in a suburban loft but plans to make more room. She wants to build the Academic Manor and provide new integral-education space outside the city. According to her, it will be an educational and research centre that focuses on integral development of children and adults, alongside with preparation of freshly trained teachers, conducting research on psychic energy, heart and spiritual development practices, and introduction of new academic disciplines. 

“With time sciences will stop arguing with one another and start viewing the world in harmony. Then a science about people, their psychic energy, will appear, and we will come closer to regarding ourselves as energetic beings. This is why my activity now is integral approach to life, in which the heart is the key thing guiding us in life”, finished Diana Belotserkovskaya. 


Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov