Summit of Women Entrepreneurs in Hanover

Summit of Women Entrepreneurs in Hanover

Russian experts shared their experience with international colleagues 

Hanover hosted a summit, which is annually organised by the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs. This time, the summit focused on such issues as digital transformation of production processes and management, new digital technologies, and the changing function of leadership. Aliya Maulesheva, Head of the UCMAS Academy of Children’s Intellectual Development, and Yekaterina Inozemtseva, Director General of Skolkovo Forum, took part in the event at the invitation of Karin van Mourik, Board Member of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs. 

The Association of German Women Entrepreneurs has been functioning for 65 years already. It addresses tasks related to women’s inclusion in the economy, promotion of women to leadership positions, and creation of comfortable conditions in the workplace. The Association includes upwards of 1800 companies led by active and purposeful women. They all keep pace with the times and understand that digitalisation not only provides society with new opportunities but also brings some challenges. 


This year, the participants of the summit exchanged their opinions on modification of managerial and leadership systems in the era of digital transformation of production. In addition, they discussed new challenges that women entrepreneurs have in front of them. 

Russia is currently implementing a project titled ‘Women in Digital Economy’ supervised by Yekaterina Inozemtseva. At the summit in Hanover, it was pleasure for her to learn more about the experience of her colleagues from abroad who achieved major success in adjusting managerial and educational models to the new conditions. In her turn, Ms. Inozemtseva shared Russia’s effective practices. 


Aliya Maulesheva presented a project, which is a mental arithmetic school for children. Mathematics is a field providing children with key skills of the future. 

Mental arithmetic classes help develop a number of children’s abilities from early age: in the first turn, phenomenal photographic memory, rapid thinking, and creativity. 

“Transition to new technologies and digitalisation is inevitable irrespective of the size of a company and field it relates to”, commented Gordana Apic, Chairperson of STEM Commission and Head of the Cell Networks GmbH company. According to her, such technologies as blockchain are the driver of technological and production changes. 

“If we want to remain successful in the market, we should properly involve and prepare our personnel for these new changes”, she believes. 

Representatives of companies working in a variety of fields also joined the summit. They included TUI Group, T-Systems GmbH, DB Systel, Peterbaum GmbH, and Berlin Cosmopolitan School. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov