Susan Lehrman is a founder of the Carmel Institute of Russian Culture and History, Founder and President of real estate investment company Lehrman LLC. People call her Global Woman for her participation in charity activities and great contribution to development of interculturalism. Susan Lehrman has been invited to the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

She served as a major sponsor of the 2010 Fulbright Prize for International Understanding Award Ceremony and major sponsor and Co-Chair of the 2011 Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal Dinner. She is also the major sponsor of the Kids Euro Festival. That is a cultural program provided by the European Union and its member countries for the benefit of children and their families in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area since 2009. 

“I am committed to the expansion and strengthening of international relations through culture and the arts because I am certain it will lead to a more peaceful and successful future”, says Susan. She is sure that we should help subsequent generations understand and accept different cultures and backgrounds. That is how they will achieve an open mind rather than resorting to stereotypes. 

She had a chance to watch differences and similarities between cultures when she chaired four of the Washington National Opera Balls in Washington DC. Then she understood that she would like to maintain cultural links and promote international understanding. 

Susan was taught to help people around from the very childhood. “My greatest mentor has been and still is my Mother. From a very early age, she always encouraged me to look beyond the exterior of a person, and really try to discover what’s in their heart. This very fundamental advice has been a wonderful gift to me on so many levels personally and professionally”, says Susan. She thinks that women play a great role in both upbringing the growing generation and peace processes. “Women can and should provide a stabilising force within their family as well as within the worldwide network of business, cultural, educational, social and charitable connections in the decades to come”. 

Susan Lehrman advises women from all over the world to love themselves. She put her mother’s words as an example: “Find that true beauty, celebrate it and nurture it, because that is the image we will reflect to others, and that will be reflected back to us”. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin