Suwannee Siriwetchapan: Unlocking Women’s Potential in Thailand

Suwannee Siriwetchapan: Unlocking Women’s Potential in Thailand

Parliamentarian from Thailand to attend EAWF 

Among the events set to take place at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum is an interparliamentary dialogue entitled ‘Women for the Sustainable Development of the Global World’. Female politicians from around the world will share experience and practice in implementing various projects and programmes. Among those participating will be Suwannee Siriwetchapan, a politician whose work focuses on solving social issues.

Siriwetchapan has placed strong emphasis on supporting women in Thailand. She heads the subcommittee on women’s affairs, and has played an active role in developing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ strategy to unlock women’s potential in Thailand. She is also heading research on observing women’s rights and providing women with sanitary services as part of the implementation of a national law.

In recognition of her substantial experience, standing, and sincere efforts to solve problems encountered by women in the country and across the world, Siriwetchapan was elected to the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Bureau of Women Parliamentarians. She has highlighted violence against women and limited access to education for women as key problems today. These are issues which various committees, national assemblies and international organizations (such as the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians) are taking major steps to resolve, with an eye on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women’s Community press agency