The role of women in industry will be one of the most important topics on the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. Nowadays women contribute a lot to the development of our country’s economy. Many of them not only work on factories and plants as line staff but also head the production. They pay much attention to quality of production, development of corporate culture, and working relations and atmosphere. The news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community continues to introduce outstanding women from the sphere of production. 

Many examples refute the old omen ‘a woman on board considered bad luck’. For example, Svetlana Chekalova contributed a lot to the development of shipbuilding in our country. She is the CEO of Yaroslavl shipyard that is the biggest enterprise in one of the leading branches of industry. 


This shipyard will celebrate 100th anniversary in 2020. The enterprise grew from a small boatyard into a big modern plant that provides the whole country with many ships of different classes and types. Moreover, the plant has foreign clients. 

Svetlana has been ‘at the helm’ of this ‘ship’ for six years. She successfully overcomes any difficulties. How can a woman run such a difficult and important industry? Of course, this is a result of the leader’s hard work. First of all, the leaders must work on themselves because the success of the enterprise depends on the leader. 


The number of orders increases every year. The plant produces trailers, boom-laying boats, border guard cruisers, and many others. There are contracts for the construction of 12 ships for today. 

It is uneasy to run such an enterprise. First, you must pay much attention to constant professionalisation of the staff because the specialists must ensure the high level of production, execute all the orders, and perform everything on time. That is why they need to upgrade their skills constantly. Second, the development of the new projects requires regular modernisation of industry. Third, the annual collective employment agreement stipulates the constant improvement of working and domestic conditions for every employee. The director must provide all these things on time and find the financing. Svetlana accomplishes the intended objectives. 


The achievements of the enterprise prove that leader works well. Thus, the president named the Yaroslavl shipyard an enterprise that influences great the branches of industry and trade of our country in 2015. One of multi-purpose boats constructed in the plant entered top 100 goods of Russia in 2017. 

Many men-leaders are sure that the women-leaders have such qualities as communicability, tranquility, rationality, intuition, and ability to follow through. They treat colleagues as members of the family, so the team run by a woman is more cohesive and friendly. Svetlana Chekalova has all these qualities. She is a bright example of a woman that combines firmness, will power, and tenderness. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin