Svetlana Kurchenko, a mother-of-five, the author of a book and same-name project called WorldClass Mommy told us how to become a truly happy woman, mother and a businesswoman while planning one’s time properly. 

Svetlana Kurchenko is 47; she is a successful entrepreneur and a happy mother. However, the dawn of her career was not that easy. Svetlana gave up on medicine and went in for zootechnics. At the time, she worked in a research institute, where she met her first husband. At the age of 21, she became a mother. 

However, consorts’ ways parted, when their daughter was 2. Svetlana was happier with her second husband, with whom they loved each other for more than 20 years. At the age of 25, Svetlana was already a mother-of-three. That was the exact moment when the freewheeling 90-es started in Russia. 

Svetlana wanted to study, to become self-reliant and to raise children, which was close to impossible. However, she had to do everything: finish her studies extensionally, earn money and spend time with her loved children. 

Ten years passed and things started to get better. The consorts decided to give birth to 2 more children. Being a mother-of-five, Svetlana Kurchenko has not stopped working, combining maternity and professional self-fulfilment. She recalls in her memory, that “As any person, I am quite lazy. I like it when money earns itself while I do what I really like. I was thinking of some passive income opportunities. At the time, it was profitable to buy and to lease out real estate. I think it was the most venturesome of my projects, as it was created with credit funds, as a Ponzi scheme”. 

So, when the real estate project started to work, Svetlana Kurchenko noticed her husband’s enterprise needed a restart. Thanks to her suggestions and initiative, Svetlana became a CEO of his company, while he controlled Chinese department. From 2010 to 2016, she managed the family holding company with billions of turnover. She even had to graduate another university to get the required knowledge. 

However, such success influenced their family life. Their marriage was exhausted. Svetlana parted ways with her husband without any joint estate issues or hard feelings. They thanked each other for happy years together. 

After that, Svetlana Kurchenko, inspired by her children, started to work on the WorldClass Mommy book. She joyfully began to write it, as she was finally able to fulfil her childhood dream of helping others through sharing her experience. Svetlana admitted, that “A long time ago, when something turned my heart, I just opened my laptop and wrote without purpose. Now we have a website, a YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Thousands of mothers read and listen to my thoughts now”. 

Svetlana Kurchenko has not stopped on a book and social media. In accord with the Golden Antelope travel agency she organises mother-oriented journeys to Italy called The Reboot. The whole week of the journey they learn to be worldclass mothers for their children, take excursions and rest. According to Svetlana, one should know how to restore one’s energy. Without proper rest, one starts to quarrel with one’s friends and relatives. It is not obligatory to visit Italy – one can simply use massage or lie in the bath. Sometimes it is possible to go to a café with one’s children instead of cooking. To those worrying, Svetlana Kurchenko says: “The time will not be wasted that way. You will restore your energy and give your children the thing they deserve, which is implicit love”. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Information and photos provided by Intellectual Gloss of Siberia 

Translated by Nikolay Boykov