Tatyana Golikova on National Projects in Social Sphere

Tatyana Golikova on National Projects in Social Sphere

Issues of demography, healthcare, education, and science 

The ways of implementing measures defined by priority national projects are now being actively developed. Throughout the Federation Council meeting, Tatyana Golikova told about key goals of implementing national projects in social sphere.

Tatyana Golikova - Deputy Prime Minister of Russia 

Ms. Golikova spoke on four main national projects: Demography, Healthcare, Education, and Science. They are all designed to resolve the main issues of economic and social spheres. 

According to Deputy Prime Minister, the issues of natural population growth and increasing longevity are the most relevant ones. 

Demography national project involves implementation of measures motivating families to childbearing. Some of the most demanded mechanisms here are maternity capital and subsidised mortgage. Particular attention will be given to families that cannot have children due to one of the spouses being infertile. It is planned to perform at least 450 thousand IVF procedures at expense of basic health insurance. Tatyana Golikova says the number of places in Russia’s nursery schools, as well as the quantity of preschools will be increased. 

The integrated system of supporting senior citizens will be introduced in our country. A large number of projects will seek to prolong active ageing, provide opportunities for acquiring education, building careers, and protecting health of the seniors. 

Demography national project implies creating the new model of public health aimed at developing healthcare technologies and motivating people for living healthier lives. The priority is health protection at work. 

Healthcare national program involves developing primary medical care and increasing its accessibility in rural areas. This is planned to be achieved through refurbishing over 1500 midwife centres and ambulatory clinics in 80 regions of Russia. In this regard, much attention is drawn to solving the issue of human resources in healthcare. 

The project is also aimed at reducing mortality of cardiovascular diseases and malignant neoplasms. In this connection, re-equipment of regional medical centres is planned. 

Ms. Golikova highlighted child healthcare in Russia is being further developed. Many regions of the country will get new children’s hospitals. 

Education national project includes opening new schools and reconstructing existing ones. There are also plans to increase the number of school places in rural areas and urban-type settlements, removing the third shift in regional schools, and provide advanced training for teachers. 

According to Tatyana Golikova, the changed approach to education process is now also essential. Digital educational environment will be established in Russia, while building more Kvantorium children’s technoparks. 

Deputy Prime Minister mentioned: “Concerning higher education, the national project will involve improving the quality of education in Russian higher educational institutions, including regional ones, which will give school graduates a chance to pursue higher education of capital-like quality. Thus, educational institutions, including those in at least 10 regions of Russia, will annually get government support for improving their competitiveness.” 

Ms. Golikova highlighted that the Presidential Decree set a target of strengthening technological development of Russia. Its realisation is impossible without scientific development. 

Science national project involves creating 15 world-class scientific and educational centres. They will participate actively in actualising complex scientific and technological programmes and international projects on creating MegaScience large-scale research infrastructure. 

Tatyana Golikova says: “Opening such centres is essential for developing innovative technologies and their fast implementation in regional economy”. 

Deputy Prime Minister expressed her hope about solving all the issues highlighted by the President of Russia, which will lead to the growth of Russian economy, increase in the real income of the population, and improving the situation in social sphere.

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Boykov