Moscow held a session on business coaching for women as part of The First all-Russian Mentor Forum. Tatyana Gvilava, president of all-Russian Women in Business, the head of Russian-Arab Business Council gave her advice and recommendations on the topic discussed. 


She started her speech with her thoughts on success. According to Tatyana, it is a relational phenomenon. She thinks, that “Success is something given to one by God. You either take it or skip it while coping with something else”. Thus, Tatyana’s advice is to have no fear and use all the given opportunities. Moreover, she is sure that everything, which happens to a person, is for a positive outcome. That is why, one should embrace what they have, overcome all the difficulties, and gain valuable experience. 


Tatyana supposes that it is essential for women to both build a career and start a family. The most important thing here is that a woman should have a man so loving and reliable that it would be great to have a child with him. It is important to educate a child and build a career simultaneously. That will make a woman both successful and truly happy. 


Tatyana provided her own example. In the framework of APEC Forum, she was given an opportunity to give a lecture to Japanese students. Four leading women-entrepreneurs from different countries also gave their speech there. They achieved much in their spheres. However, speaking of their regrets, all the five lecturers said that it was lack of communication with their children. She mentioned women often treat their business as their child, they truly care. To love what you do is a really useful and positive quality. It is, however, essential to find time for communicating with your child, care for them, and just be there. It cannot be compensated with anything else. 


Tatyana highlighted the necessity of male-female collaboration in any kind of activity. She noticed that most of her mentors and bosses were men. They never discriminated her, always treated her respectfully, helped her and shared their experience. Tatyana is sure that in modern business, your professionalism, reliability, and communication skills matter much more than your gender. According to the speaker, men and women should not oppose each other, but collaborate to achieve better results. 


Concluding her speech, Tatyana Gvilava invited all those present to participate in FCEM World Congress, which will be held in October 2018 in Moscow. Russian capital will greet leading women-entrepreneurs from all over the world. They will share one-of-a-kind techniques, tell about peculiarities in running business in different countries, and charge all the guests with positive energy. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov