The Moscow Entrepreneurship Week kicked off with the First Moscow Forum of Entrepreneurs held on May 28. Founders and heads of small and medium-sized business companies, international experts, and representatives of authorities, financial community, and start-up industry took part in the event. One of the forum’s discussion platforms was titled ‘Women Start and Win. Women’s Entrepreneurship as a New Economic Growth Point of Moscow and Driver of Innovation’.


Tatyana Gvilava, president of the all-Russian Women in Business public organisation, the forum’s session contractor, delivered opening remarks. The speaker has been the head of her organisation for 26 years already. The entrepreneurial field experienced a huge transformation over this period. In 1990s, it was challenging to start a business in Russia, and many people did that to provide for their families. Today the situation is completely different. There are a number of opportunities for starting and developing entrepreneurial projects. According to Ms. Gvilava, many countries of the world have not achieved this yet and now strive to achieve Russia’s success in this field.


The all-Russian Women in Business public organisation influences much the development of women’s entrepreneurship in Russia. It not only unites and supports women entrepreneurs from all Russia’s regions, but also serves as a voice highlighting their achievements and success stories and helping them in building communication between government and women in business.


As stated by Tatyana Gvilava, her organisation’s experts conducted research on the government’s involvement in the development of small and medium-sized business and women’s entrepreneurship in different countries. The research shows that Russia’s comprehensive measures of support in the field mentioned are internationally advanced. Today, women entrepreneurs can have special education by means of different services and programmes. Forums, congresses, and meetings with representatives of authorities are regularly organised for them in Russia. The country provides comfortable conditions for women to start and develop small and medium-sized businesses. Tatyana Gvilava believes the government’s support to entrepreneurs is substantial enough. The main thing for them is to believe in themselves and not to lose opportunities they have. 

Ms. Gvilava invited all those present to take part in the FCEM World Congress taking place in Moscow on October 22-24. Women leaders from across the world will come to Russia’s capital at the forthcoming event. They will share their knowledge and effective practices in business management and charge the event’s participants with positive emotions and energy. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov