Tatyana Mizinova: “Find Good in Everything!”

Tatyana Mizinova: “Find Good in Everything!”

A scientist and psychoanalyst with 20 years of working experience shared about side effects of scientific and technological progress. They often cause difficulties in work and development. She also told about the so-called mirroring processes and the ability to fix one’s subjective sensations in order to change the outer life.

Psychoanalysis experiences significant changes in its theoretical part as well as practical one. According to Tatyana Mizinova, Vice-President of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies, it happens because innovations in different fields of life and technological progress set people with new tasks. In addition, they cause the problem of adaptation in our rapidly changing world.

People increasingly often spend their spare time for using modern gadgets, surfing social networks, and enjoying other hi-tech entertainment resources. They do not focus on self-development, family, hobbies, and live communication with friends. The so called ‘mass isolations’ results in changes in the field of social relations. We increasingly often see schoolchildren alongside with adults who can’t get off their phones even in the company of friends.

Clip thinking is one of the examples of how people’s mind changes influenced by the environment they live in. “More and more often psychotherapists have such patients. Young people who come to them perceive the world not integrally but as a chain of elements, facts, and events, which are poorly interconnected. Clip thinking denotes the inability to think about the situation and analyse it.

Information and the image are not kept in thoughts for a long time. They are almost at once disappear replaced by the new ones. Thus, when people read news on social networks they do not think through them thoroughly and pay more attention to the visual elements”, says Tatyana Mizinova.


More and more young people can efficiently work only with short extracts of information as they do not manage to perceive large amounts of complicated information. They are unable to master War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy in its full version and read only the summary of the book in few pages.

“We can see the shift to sms and short messages on social networks and messengers in young people’s communication. The interlocutors used to write a large number of beautiful words to convey their emotions. Now the emotions are expressed by emoticons. The idea in the message is expressed as briefly as possible. That is why people lose the skill of speaking properly. Such kind of communication affects our thinking as literature used to do,” commented Tatyana Mizinova.

Ms. Mizinova extended her wish to women: “I wish you love. We have almost lost the deep sense of this notion. Today, many aspects of our lives are replaced with outer things. However, it is extremely important that people have emotional interaction and the desire to understand one another. Love is not only about the sexual attraction or about the desire to make the object of your passion yours, which is egoism and satisfying your narcissistic needs. 

Love is the desire to do something for someone else. If you love someone, you want his or her things to be good. You are ready to invest your energy, time, and all other resources you possess to ensure that.”

Psychologists know very well such mechanism as projective identification. The sense of this notion lies in the unconscious attempt to influence the other person so as he or she would behave according to our unconscious fantasy. When translating our sincere love to other person, we often receive mirror-like response. For example, a mother feeds her baby with her milk and becomes happy when seeing the baby’s smile.

Tatyana Mizinova believes that if we sincerely smile at someone, he or she as a mirror reflects it and, thus, the smile returns to us.

That is why sincere love is giving something. Saying “I love you, be with me” is only appropriating and taking someone over.

Tatyana Mizinova works in the field of psychoanalysis, thanks to which many aspects in the lives of people can be changed. The changes first happen in the inner world of a person. They result in changes in the outer life. However, this process is long and complicated as it causes transformation is extremely deep structures of the psychology of a person.

At the same time, the human psychology has huge resources. Studying one’s own abilities is one of the most interesting goals one can set. The results of this study bring real use as they can make us more successful and happy.

Tina Stankevich, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov