More and more women take leading positions in politics. They make every effort to improve the people’s lives. They inspire many other women to move on and never be afraid. The news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community continues to introduce the women-leaders from different countries. 

Thandi Modise, chairperson of the National Council of Provinces of Republic of South Africa, is a bright example of not only a successful politician but also a strong, persevering, and partial to people’s destiny woman. She has traversed an uneven path full of dangers and difficulties to improve the lives of surrounding people. 


It all started in 1976. The town where Mrs. Modise was born was going through a period that was not simple. It should have been included into Bophuthatswana within the framework of the policy of racial segregation. There was an uprising of the schoolchildren at that time. The policemen aggressively reacted on the strong resistance of the citizens. One officer shot Thandi once when she was walking down the road. Then she understood that she would like to fight the regime of apartheid. The future politician left the country and joined Spear of the Nation, the armed wing of the African National Congress in exile. 

Later she moved to Angola where she received military training in special training camps. There were only 30 women out of 500 people. There were camps where Thandi was the only woman. 

She also received the political education. She worked as a political commissar in camps after receiving the military training. At first, the men were not ready to work under command of a woman but then she proved that she could complete the tasks none the worse than other commissars. 

Soon Modise returned to the Republic of South Africa. She was still devoted to her principles and continued her fight against the regime. She worked underground as an agent of the Spear of the Nation. Thandi was arrested but she was still self-developing and studying. She got a Bachelor degree of Commerce in the sphere of industrial psychology and economics. 

Thandi Modise became a founder of the filial of women’s league of the African National Congress in Huhudi, Vryburg. Her vigorous action and personal involvement into fate of a nation contributed to a fact that she was elected as Deputy President. She was taking that post until 2004. Moreover, she several years in the Ministry of Defence and was a Prime Minister of the North West Province. Today she is the Under-Secretary-General of the African National congress and a member of the National Executive Committee. 

Nowadays there is an intensive dialogue between the Republic of South Africa and Russia. Thandi highlighted that it is important to continue sharing experience between the parliamentarians of both countries on one of her meetings with Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. She also mentioned the importance of the humanitarian cooperation between the countries. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin