‘The Age of Digitalization: Equality of Opportunities’

‘The Age of Digitalization: Equality of Opportunities’

Digital technology is opening up new opportunities for women.

The emergence of virtual business platforms and new ways to consume and exchange information make it possible to work flexible hours, work remotely, and combine business with other areas of life. A parity discussion that is being prepared by the Skolkovo Foundation will be devoted to the theme of ‘The Age of Digitalization: Equality of Opportunities’ at the second Eurasian Women’s Forum. Yekaterina Inozemtseva provides details about the platform. 

“During the discussion, we will discuss what needs to be done to ensure women’s rapid integration into the digital economy, how to solve the problem of adapting the adult generation to new information technologies, and what new approaches to education should be”, Inozemtseva said.

Particular attention will be paid to such topics as the role of digitalization in ensuring equal opportunities for men and women as well as women’s involvement in the development of high-tech industries. The panellists will also talk about measures to effectively involve women in the digital economy.

Leaders, founders, and the heads of successful businesses were invited to take part in the parity discussion ‘The Age of Digitalization: Equality of Opportunities’, including IBS CEO Svetlana Balanova, Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova, QIWI Founder Sergey Solonin, UBS Switzerland Managing Director Olga Miler, Infowatch CEO Natalia Kasperskaya, BOSOTU (SMM, PR & Digital Agency) CEO & Founder Nana Kulikova, the general director and creator of the social media site Odnoklassniki, and representatives of state and public organizations: Agency for Strategic Initiatives General Director Svetlana Chupsheva, ANO Digital Economy General Director Yevgeny Kovnir, Vice President of the Interregional Public Organization Federation of Women with University Education Olga Bessolov, and Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Victoria Abramchenko. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women’s Community Information Agency