Information & Awareness-raising web portal “Russian Women’s Community”, a project by a task team (committee) of Eurasian Women’s Forum

Information & Awareness-raising web portal “Russian Women’s Community”, a project by a task team (committee) of Eurasian Women’s Forum

A meeting at the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation presided by deputy chairman G. N. Karelova on Spetember 7, 2016 adopted the framework of Information & Awareness-raising web portal “Russian Women’s Community”. The urgency of a portal of such kind was stated back in spring at the session of the task team of Eurasian Women’s Forum. In fact the new internet platform is to provide facilities to arrange and hold a regular high-ranking international event.

Russia now has about 2000 women’s organisations but their work lacks collaboration. The emerging portal helps them to increase efficiency, attract new partners, sponsors and volunteers, share experience, and enhance their proficiency in different spheres including legal matters and project presentation skills.

The web portal of Russian Women’s Community is aimed at

  • promoting society, business and creative activities and encouraging their appreciation and support by community members;

  • attracting mass media and social interest in the activities of women’s organisations;

  • encouraging mass media to develop a positive image of women.

The portal’s structure is user-friendly. Info section contains three news feeds: Eurasian Women’s Forum, community-member organisations, and Russian and foreign mass media news aggregator. It will also show press releases and event announcements, reviews, digests, feedback messages, educational events, polls and surveys, and photos and videos on the activities of women’s organisations.

The portal is created using home-developed software solutions fully complying with the national standards of confidential and restricted data protection for structures of government and personal data of citizens. The main news messages are published in Russian and in English.

The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum is set for 2018 in Saint Petersburg. We hope the emerging portal will contribute to the efficiency and relevance of this high-ranking international event both for the world community and Russia

Translated by Ilya Kurenya