The Representative of the EAWF Working Group Became an Observer at the We-Fi Fund

The Representative of the EAWF Working Group Became an Observer at the We-Fi Fund

A member of the Organizing Committee of the Eurasian Women's Forum, Nadiya Cherkasova, has become a member of the Supervisory Board of the We-Fi, Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative and a special group of women's entrepreneurship leaders (We-Fi Leadership Champions). 

A speech by the member of the Management Board of the Otkritie FC Bank, the Chairperson of the Committee for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship of the OPORA RUSSIA Public Association, a Board member of the FinTech Association, Nadiya Cherkasova, is a part of the G20 2018 summit session agenda in the furtherance of significant Russian initiatives on supporting women in addressing business issues, in economic education, access to financial products and building up business potential. Nadiya Cherkasova will hand the leaders of the G20 countries her own professional experience of projects implemented in Russia relevant to the We-Fi Fund mission. 

The World Bank's women business development fund was established at the initiative of Germany following the G20 summit in 2017. It is collaboration among the governments of 14 countries, including Russia. The Fund's mission is to promote the development of women's entrepreneurship by eliminating the financial and other barriers that women face in small and medium-sized businesses in developing countries. For example, banks are hesitant to give loans to women entrepreneurs, and in some countries legislation allows to infringe the rights of women entrepreneurs.

The issue of women's entrepreneurship, outlined by the We-Fi Fund, will also be discussed at the Second Eurasian Women's Forum in St. Petersburg: at the open meeting of Women 20 (W20) and the strategic sessions ‘Women for Balanced Economic Growth’ and ‘Financial Literacy. International Experience and Best Practices’.

Tina Stankevich, Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency