People in Russia know only few about Laura Boldrini, the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. But this is a woman who succeeded significantly in politics and a person who contributes to solving other people’s problems. The editorial board of the Eurasian Women's Community analyzed information about Laura Boldrini in Russian and international media in order to describe this outstanding person in details.


Getting Started

Before becoming the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, she worked as a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and took part in many missions in such places as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, former Yugoslavia and other counties. Laura also was a journalist, thus she couldn’t remain indifferent to what she saw.  She published her book called ‘Tutti indietro’ in which she shared her experience in solving humanitarian crises. A major part of the book is dedicated to those people who risked their lives in order to save refugees.

In March, 2013 she was elected to become the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. She became the third woman to fill this role. Now she is a bright example of a women in politics who achieved success.


Friendship with China

One of the important events highlighted by media was Laura’s meeting with Li Keqiang, the current Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China. It took place in Rome in 2014.

In fact, China and Italy have friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation. During the meeting Li Keqiang recalled in his memory next year’s 45th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and Italy. According to him, this anniversary was a good opportunity to promote comprehensive strategic partnership between these two states. Laura Boldrini agreed and noted that both Italy and China enjoyed rich history and culture, they have time-honored relations.  The two countries had fruitful cooperation in various fields for almost 45 years. Laura said Italy was grateful to China for its contribution in the country’s economic and social development.

Such a kind meeting of the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China is an evidence of sincere friendship between these two countries.


Visiting the USA

Laura Boldrini had her first official visit to the USA in 2014. During it she met the leaders and representatives of power structures in Washington and then moved to New York to meet the members of the Italian and Italian American community, and to visit organizations of great significance for the US economy, science and culture.

According to her, she came to this country not only to have business visits, but to know more about Italian immigrants in the USA. To do this she had a visit to the Ellis Island. After it she said she was very proud of how large the contribution of Italian immigration is.

However, she was interested not only in those historical facts she knew on the island. During her visit to the USA she used the chance to meet young researchers, scientists, teachers, artists and many other Italians who moved to the US is search of new opportunities. According to her, those people are a great gift that Italy is giving to this country. She is proud of the fact that her country has so many talented professionals. However, she would like them to work in Italy and develop their motherland. To make it possible the country overcomes the aftermath of the past economic crisis after which the unemployment rate of youth reached 40%. Laura is sure that Italia is a strong country that can get through it.


Her Safety

Laura thinks, she doesn’t need to be guarded despite the fact she has a major position in the country.

“I asked not to have guards. I’m not afraid to walk around Rome. I’m not afraid to go from home to office. Anything can happen at any time but this applies to anyone”, she said.

However, now there is a security apparatus securing the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. It involves bodyguards, two armored cars, BMW 5 series, and a third in charge of inspections and a fourth car monitoring the home of the third most important person in the country. Her home has also an inviolable security system, reinforced by a number of cameras.

In magazines one can see photos depicting Boldrini walking in the street alone in the crowd of pedestrians. Her bodyguards follow her on sight, distancing just a little. They are always ready to interfere.

Such a security apparatus is one of the most expensive in the country. And that is the best evidence of the importance of Laura’s role in politics. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov