The topic of volunteering at EAWF

The topic of volunteering at EAWF

Lyubov Glebova proposed volunteer campaigns 

The regular meeting of the draft committee of the Second Eurasian Women's Forum was held on 25 July. The meeting participants exchanged ideas on the preparation of the forthcoming event and reported on work already completed. Lyubov Glebova, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on the Rules of Procedure and Parliamentary Governance, taking part in the preparation of an open debate ‘Female Volunteers: Partnership for Growth’, proposed to extend the discussion with a series of volunteer actions. 

Lyubov Glebova proposed a number of campaigns as a part of the volunteering section. She emphasized that today people need to get into the spirit of volunteerism and social activism.


Children’s journalism centre at the Forum is one of the proposed ideas. Young volunteers could interview the participants. Children have their own special view of the world, and adults could use seeing the world through this lens.

The speaker also proposed a volunteer campaign for the International Day of Peace traditionally celebrated on 21 September, which coincides with the days of the Forum. Lyubov Glebova noted that the regions of Russia should also get involved in the campaign.

Environmental protection is to become the focus of the third campaign. Lyubov Glebova suggested giving out fir cones as souvenirs to the participants of the Forum so they could plant a tree in their home country.

Lyubov Glebova shared that experts and leaders of volunteer projects from around the world are to participate in the debate ‘Female Volunteers: Partnership for Growth’ and discuss the international practices. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency