The Topic of Women in Science at the EAWF

The Topic of Women in Science at the EAWF

Preparation of the expert session

International expert session ‘The Role of Women Scientists in the Global Challenges of Our Time’ will take place during the second Eurasian Women's Forum. Zinaida Dragunkina, member of the Organizing Committee of the Forum, Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, reported on the preparations for the event. 

Women scientists, experts from around the world, and representatives of international organizations will attend the session. They will discuss ways to involve girls and young women in science, discuss promotion of work done by women scientists. The participants will propose ideas for the development of women's cooperation in science, as well as determine ways to strengthen international scientific and humanitarian cooperation. 

Sarah Harder, Honorary Professor at the University of Wisconsin, creator of the STEM project aimed at introducing girls to exact sciences, will speak at the event. She will speak on the topic of uninterrupted careers of women scientists who have children. UNESCO representatives — specialized United Nations agencies on education, science and culture — will participate in the session as well. Anna Kudryavtseva, laureate of the Russian President's Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists, will give a presentation. 

‘Women - Creators, Women – Inventors’ exhibition will be presented to the participants of the session. 

In addition, the award ceremony for the mental calculation championship, which will be held on the starting day of the Forum, will be held during the section. Approximately 200 girls from around the world will take part in this championship. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency