The world needs a kind heart

The world needs a kind heart

On the Strengths of Women

Preparation for the Second Eurasian Women's Forum is in full swing. Without an exaggeration, the world is looking forward to this event. Journalists of the Eurasian Women's Information Agency daily meet with amazing women from different countries and fields of work who share their warmest wishes with the participants of the forthcoming forum. Preethaji, a thoughtful and wise woman from India, is convinced that the fair ladies can significantly contribute to the development of the society.

Two ways of business development

Preethaji believes that there are two main reasons people get into business: to fill the void, to feel their importance and pertinence or because of the desire to do something meaningful in the world, to make the lives of others more comfortable. For the latter reason, doing business is much easier, because an entrepreneur feels the fulfilment, clearly articulates their goal and goes for it.

Women can achieve great success in business and in other areas. By nature, they have qualities that help them create and produce.

The media is the source of food for the mind

One of the sections of the Second Eurasian Women's Forum is to touch upon the role of the media in shaping peace and security. Preethaji sees this topic as particularly relevant in this day and age.

Preethaji is convinced that the today media supply food for thought to a massive number of people, and if this food is of poor quality, it will lead to social disagreements. That is why media leaders need to realize the power they possess.

It is crucial they think beyond sensational news, about changing the world for better through media and shape the worldview of people. 

Four sides of a woman

According to Preethaji, when a woman feels her inner potential, she awakens a tremendous force that helps her to create special ties between people, to give love and care to the world. Thus a woman gets a stronger personality.

Preethaji noted that the ancient Indians saw the four sides of a woman. First, they saw her as the Shakti goddess, who had the power to influence people’s lives. Second, as the Amba goddess, a loving and caring mother. Third, Kali, the wise woman, the destroyer of ignorance. Fourth, a charming and attractive Parvati. Women encapsulate all these qualities, so they are incredibly strong.

“By nature, a woman is loving, caring and mindful. She is a creator. However, various conflicts, stressful situations, turmoil can disrupt this natural state. However, if a woman knows how to maintain harmony within, she can conquer the world,” Preethaji is convinced. She wished the participants of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum and all women in the world to not live by struggle. Today the world needs a good heart, not a physical strength. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency