The world will become even brighter

The world will become even brighter

Tavricheskiy Palace in St Petersburg hosted official opening of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum ‘Women for Global Security and Sustainable Development’

This is the event that we have all been waiting for. Preparations literally began on the next day after the first forum ended in 2015.

Right as the opening ceremony kicked off, Valentina Matvienko smiled enigmatically and announced that a special guest would now be speaking to the forum. Russian President Vladimir Putin then strode into the hall. He greeted the audience and said that representatives of 110 countries had come to attend the forum. “Our strategy for women is complex and multifaceted”, Putin said as he described what Russia is doing for the fairer sex. Group photos clearly ran past schedule after Putin’s speech, as everyone wanted to take a picture with the Russian president. The ovations for the president seamlessly turned into applause for Matvienko, who had taken the initiative to hold such an important international event for a second time. The Organizing Committee chairwoman spoke about how the forum was even better represented this year, with delegates from 27 major international public organizations gathering together in St. Petersburg. This shows that the forum has turned into an influential platform, which actively promotes the voice of women around the world. Matvienko spoke about serious measures to support women in Russia and about the international situation as well as the most urgent problems and challenges that must be solved together.

A video address from UN Secretary-General António Guterres was played for forum participants, and Gabriela Cuevas Barron from Mexico, the youngest chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in the organization’s history, outlined problems that need to be discussed and resolved together. Speakers took the stage one after the other and spoke about problems and ways to solve them while sharing their success stories. The forum had officially kicked off, and once again I wanted to think back on its first minutes and the amazing song performed by Hibla Gerzmava. “The world will become even brighter”, the famous opera diva sang, and that is truly the case. We hope that all the participants in this well represented women’s forum will take away new ideas, business contacts and, of course, inspiration. I hope all the participants and guests have productive work and are able to implement all the plans they come up with!

Tatyana Vorozhtsova