To Children About the Important

To Children About the Important

About mother who found answers to difficult children’s questions 

Natalia Remish is a common mother who attempted to find answers on her children’s difficult questions. She has published a children’s book, in which she paid attention to things important for family at the level of life principles. Nowadays mass media often calls Natalia a successful woman who left business to solve social problems. 

Natalia Remish - Author of the To Children About the Important project 

Natalia has been working as a marketer in various corporations for 10 years. Once she was inspired by Steve Jobs’ speech before the students of Stanford University. She decided to leave the position of an employed person and launch her own creative agency. Natalia’s father who worked in the sphere of medicine influenced her much. He advised her to always think first about people: firstly help those who need it and only then start earning. That phrase stuck in her heart. 


Then Natalia realised that she wanted to help people at a systematic level. She is a good manager, successfully realised many projects, and gained huge experience in managing processes. Such specialists are demanded in a social sphere. 

“I understood that donating to children, saving dogs or helping old people are one-time actions. I wanted to do something that would be useful in the long term but I didn’t know what exactly I should do initially”, tells Natalia. 

The idea of creating her own social project appeared accidentally. During maternity leave, Natalia wrote lyrics and script of the cartoon for her daughter. It was about how correctly communicate and make friends with children with disabilities. 

Parovoz Animation Studio released a cartoon based on the script Natalia wrote with money collected with the help of crowdfunding platform. Many people supported Natalia’s idea with pleasure. 

To Children About the Important project originated from that. It contains books and a cartoon named About Dima and Others, which touch upon various topics: how to treat children with developmental difficulties or people of different nationalities, how to get through granny’s death or parents’ divorce. Sometimes the adults consider problems exciting their child unimportant and don’t pay serious attention to them or just don’t know how to act and what to say in this or that situation. 


Natalia’s books and the cartoon give parents and children tools for a dialogue on difficult topics and thus for building open and close relations. 

“I would like to change the culture of communication in family and thus the culture of the society in general”, explains Natalia. Children came across a great number of difficulties every day: lack of self-confidence, conflicts with friends or teachers, and misunderstanding of how to behave in this or that situation. Every child considers his or her problem important. According to Natalia, if adults learn to correctly speak about that with children and help them overcome such difficulties, we will see the generation with another level of culture. The aggression in the society will decrease. 

Nowadays the project To Children About the Important develops by means of grants, crowdfunding, and sponsorship of brands partners. 

Natalia Remish recommends people who feel the need to help the people around to start from something small but systematic. “Find out what is important for you and go to those who deals with that sphere. Allocate two hours a week to help some organisation. You will get used to help. Don’t expect a perfect work or gratitude. This is a common work. It is routine but very important”, says Natalia. She also recommends always seeking for inspiration and reading success stories of other people. Even if you won’t go their way, it will change your worldview for sure. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin