We can help nature only if we love it. Many modern ecological projects are aimed at showing the world we live in in its beautiful colours and shapes. The bright example to it is a children’s Pulse of Nature magazine. Irina Bakhmetieva, its chief editor, told us more about the project.

The idea of creating a children’s ecological magazine came up in 2013, the year of environment preservation in Russia. The first number of the Pulse of Nature magazine was published in January, 2014. The main goal of it is to promote a love of nature for children and show them the beauty of environment. Only then we can teach the younger generation to care about the Earth and keep it clean and balanced. It becomes even more vital in modern ecological conditions when the pulse of nature goes quieter. If we want to change this situation, we should firstly learn to hear this pulse, which means getting to know more about the environment.


The magazine provides information about plants, animals, minerals, natural events, reserves, and voluntary ecological movements. The articles are written in a simple and interesting language for children to enjoy. All of them are accomplished by unique photographs. Irina Bakhmetieva noted that now there is a current task to mention such important and current themes as climate and space in the magazine.

Nowadays the editorial office consists of the authors from different regions of Russia. What’s more, the managers of the magazine actively cooperate with the chain of high-class specialists, press services of different museums (both large and small but no less interesting), reserves, and zoos of Russia. It helps fill the magazine with different high-qualified and educative information.

It’s necessary to say that Pulse of Nature has an aim not only to attract children’s attention to the environment, but also to promote the younger generation’s all-round development. For example, every number has a poem of some Russian classic about nature. Thus, children are able to feel the mood of a certain season and simultaneously get acquainted with the masterpieces of Russian poetry.


Irina Bakhmetieva said that it’s difficult to draw a modern child’s attention from computer and the Internet to reading. However, it is highly important because, according to the specialists, the information displayed on paper mediums is easier to process than on monitors. That is why the magazine has many games, crosswords, comics, and drawing workshops. Of course, they are also connected to the environment. The magazine’s managers are passionate about their beloved work and make content pleasing to children. Besides, the publishers pay much attention to the paper and photo quality. Such an approach allowed achieving their goal to arouse some interest to reading among children. Irina Bakhmetieva said that the magazine is also published in an electronic form. However, the paper one is way more demanded.


The main key to success of the magazine, as well as any other project, is one’s love to work. Irina Bakhmetieva herself says that Pulse of Nature is basically her third child. Having got huge experience in publishing, she decided to create her own project which would allow making the world a better place. This is how the idea of the magazine was made. Irina Bakhmetieva’s associates, colleagues in publishing, gladly joined her in realizing it.

 It’s interesting that the whole team of the magazine, apart from the painter who writes detective fairytales about the mysteries of nature, consists of women. Perhaps it has something to do with ladies having a natural wish to help others and bring harmony to this world. The thing is, the magazine is based on self-financing, so the main aim of the employees is not profiting but achieving a noble mission of cultivating care for nature in the younger generation.

By the way, the magazine’s articles are addressed not only to curious children, but also to their partial parents. They are firstly responsible for bringing up their children and the values they will honour. It means that the whole world’s future lies in the hands of caring parents.

Viktoria Yezhova¸ news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Irina Nikishina