Tour to the centre of goodness and happiness

Tour to the centre of goodness and happiness

On the 17th of November under the auspices of the international forum Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity program Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, Galina Karelova, senator Lilia Gumerova and Chairman of the Council of Markhamat charity fund, Gulshat Khamitova visited the child health and education centre of the charity fund Marhamat. The team of the fund gave guests a tour to the centre of goodness, happiness and creativity. Here teachers help children to develop and to bring their talents to light.

“From the beginning we wanted to form a hobby club for disabled children. We thought we would just amuse them, but we met difficult children who needed help. So that’s how our centre appeared. After the first year of work we achieved good results: children, who were shunned, began to sing, dance and learn poems” – said president of the charity fund Marhamat, Aygul Gareeva.


Aygul was presenting Marhamat with great inspiration and enthusiasm. And it’s not surpising because the foster children are amazing. They made excellent performances and gained a hurricane of applause.

“When parents bring their children to music schools not all the children become true musicians, but their parents want them to have fun, to spend time amazingly and to learn something new. We also don’t know what our foster children will do in future, but we hope they’ll be settled in life.” – said the representative of the centre moderating the event.


Performers aroused smiles, amused and inspired the audience. But they don’t only develop their skills, they win prizes and achieve great heights. For example, a young violinist, Katya Ignatiyeva became a prize winner of Musical mosaic instrumental competition; Kamila Khabibulina became a winner of the All-Russian creativity competition Mother gave me this world and a winner of the international creativity competition Autumnal moments. Besides that Kamila succeeds in sports. She won the first place in swimming competition among children with special needs in the Republic of Bashkortostan. And Alyona Simonova succeded in singing. She does it perfectly and she is being invited to the concerts of the city. Her song We are all a bit childlike finished the event and aroused strong feelings in the audience.

“We saw that you are real performers, that you like what you’re doing and you’re sincere and good-hearted. Don’t forget that good things come to those who are kind-hearted. Don’t forget that you’re not alone in this world.” – Galina Karelova gave children advice and thanked them for the concert. 


It is also interesting that the centre has organized leisure activities for the mothers of disabled children: while their children are at the classes, they can do knit-work. The teacher, who gives mothers knitting classes, says that creativeness unites mothers, helps them to improve their imagination and manual dexterity. Besides all that, mothers discuss some matters of concern with the family psychologist and find the ways to solve them.


Teachers and managers irradiate goodness. So kind-hearted they are! And it shows up in their kind and careful attitude to the foster children, in care about the whole world, even in the gifts that they presented to the guests (that were tiny handmade felt boots)


Marhamat charity fund undertakes lots of other projects: Heart’s line program which helps ill children with the treatment (including repayment of expensive operations and health resort treatment); Family ambience program which helps to solve problems of the orphans who live under hard life conditions, etc. 


It was Aygul Gareeva’s dream to help everyone in need and she made this dream come true by participating in forum Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity and by inspiring other people to do good things.

   Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community

    Translated by Sevil Daminova