Irina Butskova is head of Doveryayu, charity fund for helping children, chairperson of Board for Socially-Oriented Business of regional OPORA Russia. She practices charity for 4 years already. This charity is aimed at helping children from socially disadvantaged sections of the community, difficult families and disabled children. 

Doveryayu arranges many projects. For example, campaign Day of Trust is arranged with the help of restaurants and cafes that donate all money they get from selling coffee that day to the charity fund. There also is the Charity Auction where children’s pictures are exhibited. Earnings from them are donated for helping children. Besides, the fund provides a charity rest in country recreations for families that need special care.


There are some recommendations from Irina for women who want to manage business and achieve great goals in this sphere. 

She thinks that enterprise is one of the most important qualities for women. It will help challenge stereotypes and set up in business, and achieve great goals.


In her opinion, there are three important rules: to learn, to participate, to share experience. “There are a lot of events for businesswomen. The Ministry of Investment and Innovations arranges many open meetings. While visiting such events, women share experience with one another, gain new knowledge for development of their projects. And they also are able to challenge stereotypes on such events and prove to the world that they can be successful. 

Beside enterprise, there are other helpful qualities – intellect, kindness, wisdom. “Psychological understanding of your employees and intuition help in organization of working process” – says Irina. 

She explains the primal principal of business: “Every woman should carry the mission in her life. So women must believe in themselves, unite and bear this mission together.” 

Yekaterina Kudryavtseva, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin