UNIDO Section at 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum

UNIDO Section at 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum

Veronika Peshkova on the discussion platform 

International experts’ meeting — UNIDO: A Global Platform for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship – will be held during the 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum. Veronika Peshkova, who is among the people supervising this area of the preparation process for the forthcoming Forum, spoke about the platform. 

For UNIDO, as a specialized UN agency, a balanced sustainable industrial development is the key challenge. Such courses as expansion of women's economic rights, involvement of women in the economic sphere, development of territories, are the key priorities of the organization. Veronika Peshkova noted that UNIDO provides its members with opportunities to enter global markets, scale business, help entrepreneurs find partners and potential investors as well as necessary technologies. 

Great attention is paid to gender balanced development by UNIDO. Veronika Peshkova stressed that this section of the 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum will become another milestone in the cooperation between Russia and UNIDO in the development of women's entrepreneurship and leadership. 

The section will put forward Russian initiatives in the field of gender balanced development of the economy. One of the proposals will be the creation of an international personnel reserve for women, which will contribute to the development of women's leadership. Veronika Peshkova explained that today in different countries of the world there is a large number of women holding lower positions in business, but there are fewer of them among the executives. In some countries, special laws have been adopted to provide quotas for women in different structures. However, even in these cases it is important to have a personnel reserve uniting qualified women professionals who could occupy managerial positions. UNIDO as an international platform can serve as the basis for formation of such reserve, implementation of mentoring programmes that would help women reach the professional level necessary to qualify for top management positions not only in their country, but also in the international arena. 

UNIDO projects, that are already being implemented in various regions of the world and contribute to the development of women's entrepreneurship and leadership, will be presented at the forum site. 

Anna Repina,

Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency