Valentina Matvienko: Mentor for Future Leaders

Valentina Matvienko: Mentor for Future Leaders

The Speaker of the Federation Council to share experience with a new generation of managers 

Valentina Matvienko, the Chairperson of the Federation Council, will become one of the mentors of the Leaders of Russia project. The contest aims to identify and support the best managers of the new generation. Ms. Matvienko hopes that her participation in the project will increase the number of women managers among the contestants. 

”We need a generation of new creative and thinking managers. It is necessary for realisation of strategic set by the President. That is why I decided to become one of the project’s mentors. I want to share my experience with young people who strive to become leaders of our country”, said the Speaker of the Federation Council. She mentioned that she would approach mentorship informally. It is important for her that her wards are the best in their sphere. 

Valentina Matvienko is the fourth parliamentarian and the first speaker of the parliament to become a mentor of the Leaders of Russia project. 

According to Valentina Matvienko, the Leaders of Russia project is the most effective social mobility for a young generation. It provides the mechanisms of state support of talented young specialists and their career growth. 

The winners of the contest get an opportunity to undergo a year-long internship with one of the mentors. Besides, all finalists receive educational grants. 

It is important that the project creates equal conditions for all participants regardless of their place of living. To have leadership skills is the main criterion. The winners will be able to realise themselves in Moscow or in any region of the country. All the conditions for that will be provided. 

The Speaker of the Federation Council called upon women to more actively participate in the contest. She mentioned that only 13 out of 103 finalists were women last year. That number should and must be increased. 

Valentina Matvienko reminded that our country takes the first place in number of women occupying managerial positions. Perhaps, the rising generation is not that self-confident yet. According to the speaker, girls shouldn’t be afraid to realise their potential. 

“Maybe my participation will play its role in increasing the number of women among the winners”, concluded the Chairperson of the Federation Council. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin