Over 2000 parliamentarians from more than 150 countries took part in the 137th IPU Assembly in Saint Petersburg. The EWC journalists interviewed Alejandro Martinez Ubieda, member of Venezuelan delegation, to know more about the role of women in his country. 

According to Alejandro Martinez Ubieda, over the past 30-40 years, the situation of women in Venezuela has improved significantly. Today they take active part in almost all fields of activity. A large number of women occupy high positions and leading positions. 


As Alejandro Martinez Ubieda said, unfortunately, the current level of female representation in the political life of Venezuela is not enough. The parliamentarian shares the idea that it is necessary to promote women to power without using a quota system. 


“Everyone who wants to become a member of parliament, in my opinion, should be able to present his or her candidacy. It is important that a person can freely and independently take such serious decisions. A person should have the right to choose whether to take part in politics or not to do that. It is not that important what percent of women we have among the senators of the parliament. Only equal opportunities and conditions are important for everyone”, he said. 

According to him, such events as the IPU Assembly contribute to solution of many problems including those on women’s agenda in separate countries and the whole world. Such business meetings unite parliamentarians from different countries. And they interact and cooperate mainly not due to their of government ties but thanks to human relations. This is a different kind of communication, more effective one, which gives more freedom.

Nikolay Boykov, Agata Korovina, Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov