Veronika Peshkova Became a UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador

Veronika Peshkova Became a UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador

About love of country and profession 

Veronika Peshkova has always paid much attention to the development of women’s entrepreneurial initiatives in her activity. In fact, her collaboration with UNIDO started with women’s agenda. In September 2018, she was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. Veronika Peshkova shares about why that position is important for her and what tasks she sets herself. 

The primary duty of any ambassador is to bring together countries, different organisations, and people. As a UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Peshkova fosters international contacts for the development of Russia’s business. According to her, today the organisation pays much attention to developing a large-scale project related to creative industries in different countries including Russia. 


Many UNIDO projects are aimed at putting traditional branches into the modern context. 

Nowadays, national art crafts are actively developing in Russia. Craftsmen and craftswomen from different regions of Russia make toys, painted crockery, embroidered clothes, and many other things focusing on cultural traditions. It is important that the pieces of art that they create are used not only as decorative elements but also as things that are really used in life and are adapted to the requirements of modern customers. 


Veronika Peshkova sees her task not only in contributing to contacts between countries for them to borrow successful practices and experience in addressing the existing problems and development of creative industries in Russia. She also pursues the task of bringing Russia’s products to international market. 

It is important for Ms. Peshkova that Russia perceives the UN not only as the Security Council but also as a global platform where businesspeople can find partners, investors, suppliers, and potential clients. Thanks to participation in international projects, Russia can receive valuable experience in the fields of public policy and support of entrepreneurial initiatives as well as share its own experience. 

According to Veronika Peshkova, Russia can become a role model for other counties in terms of women-related policy. 

Ms. Peshkova is an international economist by education. She loves her profession as well as her homeland. That is why she puts every effort to show the world how beautiful Russia is. 

“There are many peoples living in Russia. It has an amazing and rich culture. It has innovative ideas. It has high-quality education. It has creative, talented, and clever people. It is important that the whole world knows that”, says Veronika Peshkova. 

In addition, Russia provides the best organisation of many world-scale events. It is honored to hold the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) in Yekaterinburg in July 2019. The event is expected to be attended by more than 3000 international high-level guests. The Summit will include a section dedicated to the role of women in industry for the first time. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov