Spring Bouquet of Business Projects

Spring Bouquet of Business Projects

On the 2nd of March before the International Women’s Day there was a meeting «Business women – the entrepreneurs of the capital» in Moscow. The organizers of the event were «Social Ward», GBU «Women’s business centre», our web-portal «Eurasian Women’s Community» and also the Committee of development of women’s entrepreneurship of the social organization “THE RELIANCE OF RUSSIA”. 


Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council, congratulated women entrepreneurs on the 8th of March. In her speech she marked that beneficial cooperation is highly important for women nowadays – for example, the activity of the Eurasian Women’s Forum’s working group, which is aimed at solution of different socially significant problems and tasks. For today one of the main active programs is dedicated to development of women entrepreneurship in Russia. Special support mechanisms are developing and entrepreneurs used the opportunity to find more information about many of them during the meeting.


General secretary of the Eurasian organization of economical cooperation (EOES) Vladimir Piskurev, co-founders of the non-commercial organization (NCO) “Ribakov Fund” Ekaterina and Igor Ribakovs, rector of the Russian State Social University (RGSU) Natalia Pochinok came to congratulate the ladies. Also the minister of the Department of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan sent his warm compliments with a help of Deputy head of the Department of labor and social protection Natalia Komarova. 


In their speeches men marked that there was an unbelievable energy and positive in the hall. It’s not surprising, because women themselves were literally shining with delight and happiness. All the gentle and kind words which were addressed to them were very sincere. 

As the moderator of the meeting and the director of the GBU «Women Business Centre» Natalia Karpovich said, this meeting turned unforgettable for every present businesswomen not only because they had heard many nice compliments and congratulations for themselves. Within the program the entrepreneurs got acquainted with new instruments which will let them become more successful in the future. 


Thus, member of the Presidium “THE RELIANCE OF RUSSIA”, co-chair of the Committee of improvement of woman entrepreneurship Maria Sherbatkina spoke about actual development of the program according to which a number of banks will be able to offer financial support to women entrepreneurs on new profitable terms. The speaker mentioned that the Committee actively works in the sphere of women’s entrepreneurship. It works with popularization and introduction of effective support mechanisms which are aimed at developing of the active projects and making new ones which are being realized by women entrepreneurs. By the way, the «interactive card» for entrepreneurs which was created on our site has become one of such support mechanisms. 


Head of the web-portal «Eurasian Women’s Community» Marina Volynkina presented the project itself. She spoke about the information platform where women can not only find inspirational stories by other ladies who became successful in different spheres and share their information but also gain main knowledge that is necessary for business organization. For example, use a business navigator, learn about business support measures and current educational programs, etс. 


By the way, during the speech the moderator of the meeting Natalia Karpovich marked that the proportion of women in economy rises. That is why it is so important to pay much attention to development of women’s entrepreneurship because this sphere is only starting to get popular.  At the meeting which was held just before the 8th of March were one of the most active and purposeful ladies who had incredibly succeed in business. They showed a great example and confirmed that the most important thing is to always go for your goals. 


Within the meeting the winner of the project «Mother-entrepreneur-2016» Elvira Zenina presented her own brand of clothing «Varvara». Russian culture and particularly Russian costume in its regional diversity became a source of inspiration for Elvira. Mother entrepreneur has created a unique brand of men’s clothing. «We are the first people in Russia who decided to make traditional clothes fashionable and bring its production to the mass level, – comments Elvira. – For today we’ve sold more than a thousand pieces of goods and that is a very good result for our niche». The entrepreneur promised that soon she is going to make a new collection for ladies. 

Lilia Ionichevskaya spoke about a project which is incredible by its scale and stunning by its idea. Its main goal is creating a unified dispatcher service for the hearing-impaired called «Digital Technologies». Such service works in a round-a-clock mode without week-ends and off-days for celebrations. Hearing-impaired people can always get advice from professional translators by using any kind of technical devices: mobile phone, fax, computer with access to the Internet, etc. «We often get gratitude messages, – tells Lilia, – and at the end of letters many people who apply to our service add a phrase to say that we are both ears and voice for them. And it is very important to realize that we can really be useful, we can help those who need support». 


Nataliya Pereyazeva has also found herself in social entrepreneurship. There are several projects which are being realized under her control. Among them are nursery «Seven Dwarves» and «House near a park» - a hotel for those whose kids have grown up. These two enterprises formed the basis for a new unique project “Tales by the fireplace” which allowed combining rest hours for both inhabitants of nursing home and pupils from kindergarten. Senior people and little kids read, play, walk and celebrate parties together. Thus, recently there were organized Shrovetide festivities. The youngest participant was two years old while the oldest one was almost ninety. 

Svetlana Milskaya presented the project about career guidance for the younger generation «Young Pilots' School». She is both founder and the director of the company which is connected to production of absolutely unique high-realistic aircraft simulators. Due to this project everyone can feel like a pilot of the real airship. Svetlana marked that in the «Young Pilots' School» boys and girls will be able not only to fly a virtual plane but also get the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent flight like in a real trip. 

There is one more thing to be mentioned: women entrepreneurs who were present at the meeting astonish and inspire with not only their incredible success but also because many of them are mother of many children. They get a real pleasure while doing their business and dedicate all of their strengths and time to both dear families and labor of love. 

During the meeting the atmosphere was truly festive and really spring. It was not only because the air was filled with the smell of flowers which men gave to our great ladies. Women entrepreneurs are people who share their energy and positive emotions with everyone around. They are always full of new ideas and are ready to go forward, gain useful knowledge, improve themselves and bring joy and goods to society. Among the guests of the meeting were many amazing women – designers, florists, confectioners, chiefs of many different specialized schools for grown-ups or ladies, heads of women’s associations and it is not even a half of the list. Despite the fact that the directions of their work are various, all of them try to make the world a better place. They are always an inspiration for everyone around and they share their happiness and kindness with the whole world. 

Victoria Ezhova, news agency of Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Irina Nikishina