Vladimir Putin About the Responsibility of Media

Vladimir Putin About the Responsibility of Media

President of the Russian Federation answered the question about the role of journalism in preserving peace 

The idea of the ‘Responsible Media’ project aimed at creation of a new trend in journalism, which is promotion of high-quality, objective, and positive information, originated at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. Marina Volynkina is the Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community, the web-portal, on which this project is being implemented today. At the Russian President’s Big Annual Press Conference, Ms. Volynkina asked Vladimir Putin about the importance of journalists’ responsible approach to their activity and the role of journalism in resolving conflicts. 

Marina Volynkina paid attention to the fact that today the world needs soft power for lowering the level of aggression and tension. Women want and are ready to contribute to that. Information, which is objective, motivating, and life affirming, can become one of the soft power tools. The fulfilment of the ‘Responsible Media’ project included working out a Memorandum. By now, 15 famous women leaders from different countries signed the Memorandum. This proves that people in different countries give equally serious consideration to the problems of the information space. 

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It is essential that journalists not only speak the truth, but also provide diverse information. They should highlight not only shortcomings but also achievements, positive changes, and ways to address the challenges. Journalists have to be responsible for their own work while considering consequences of their statements. In that context, journalism is able to become the true soft power. 

President Putin is sure: “The power is in the truth. Mass media’s vocation lies in that formula. That is the only way they can win the trust of millions of people.” 

According to Vladimir Putin, the quality and objectivity of information is one of the most important conditions for the development of Russia and the whole world. It was a pleasure for the President to note the new trend of responsible media in journalism. 

The new approach to mass media was seen even in certain questions to Vladimir Putin. The information voiced by Marina Volynkina interested many journalists present at the press conference. They agreed that the problems of information environment should be prioritised.


Nowadays the attention is more and more often drawn to issues related to ecology, people’s health, and their way of living. People speak a lot about doing sports and healthy nutrition. Meanwhile, the information is also food for our mind. Thus, people have to ‘consume’ balanced and non-toxic information in order to be sound not only physically but also mentally.

The topic of content quality in mass media was raised several times throughout the event. It shows that the journalists themselves realise the necessity of rethinking the role of media.

“It is pleasant to realise that we were among the first to grasp the long-felt necessity of changes in mass media. We have already discussed it with broad international audience and even developed the ‘Responsible Media for the Global Peace and Sustainable Development’ Memorandum. It is important that more and more journalists join this trend. The Eurasian Women’s Community puts every effort on reducing the amount of conflicts, misunderstanding, and aggression. It inspires the others by its ideas and actions”, shared Marina Volynkina.

She mentioned that not only women work in the news agency implementing the project. Photographers, translators, and system administrator of the web portal are men. They all are not indifferent to the problems of the society. They support women’s initiatives and strive to make the world a better place.

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov