Vladimir Putin on Russia’s Social Policy

Vladimir Putin on Russia’s Social Policy

Social sphere should employ professionals 

On February 20, 2019, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin conducted Annual Address to the Federal Assembly. He traditionally estimated the situation in the country and expressed his view of the main targets and perspectives of actualising national projects. One of the speech’s key topics was Russia’s social policy. 

Vladimir Putin highlighted that supporting institution of the family is Russia’s main objective. According to him, the country should restore natural population increase in 2023 – 2024. The family makes the firm basis of resuming demographic growth. As of today, the set of measures to enhance units of society has already been prepared. 

“It is essential that families avoid poverty risks and rapid loss of wealth due to bearing and educating children,” said the President. 


The Government of Russia have already implemented parental compensation for the first and the second child. Now families with incomes of less than 1.5 living costs per person receive such financial support. Vladimir Putin suggested taking a step further and raising the bar up to 2 living costs per person, starting from January 1, 2020. This will provide an opportunity to increase 1.5 times the number of families receiving the compensation. The President also pointed out the necessity to increase allowances payed for parents of children with disabilities and those disabled from childhood from 5 to 10 thousand roubles. 

“Incomes of Russian families must grow. This is a serious task requiring comprehensive approach. Firstly, we must reduce tax burden on the family. The principle is simple: more children – less taxes”, stressed Vladimir Putin. 

The President suggested increasing federal benefits from taxes on the real property (including those on land) for families with children. 

According to the President, the government and Central Bank should continue decreasing rates for mortgage and provide support measures for families with children. 

It is important that parents have an opportunity to work, receive education, and not worry about well-being and safety of their children and enjoy maternity or paternity. 


To do so, Russia’s nursery problem must be completely solved by 2021. The President said that about 90 thousand new places will be established in nurseries this year and about 270 thousand places in the next three years. 

Vladimir Putin paid special attention to issues related to financial well-being of Russia’s citizens. He mentioned that many families take on loans for different purposes. However, there can be such life situations when paying off a loan on time is difficult. 

Today, it is important to provide additional guarantees to protect people from such cases. For example, one of such measures is introducing ‘mortgage holidays’, i.e. deferred payment for citizens who lost their source of income. 

The President also proposed creating a mechanism of social contracts for the poor. Within those mechanisms, the government will help the citizens of Russia with employment and advanced training. Every person will be provided with individual support measures. “The person will also take the responsibility to start working and to keep his or her family and children. As estimated, over 9 million of people will be able to receive such support”, commented the President. 

President Putin stressed that everybody employed in the social field must meet the highest professional standards. 

They must understand people, know their needs and cares, be able to empathize, and sincerely strive to help them. 


Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov