According to Women Business Index (WBI), calculated by OPORA RUSSIA together with the National Agency for Financial Studies, the level of women’s entrepreneurship is growing. Research of women’s entrepreneurial activity is conducted every six months. 500 women entrepreneurs took part in the research by being personally interviewed. The index comprises three components: ‘Entrepreneurship Culture’, ‘Personal Qualities’, and ‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’. 

The Entrepreneurship Culture section indicated that the society has changed its attitude towards women entrepreneurs. 41% of the respondents think that this attitude has improved thanks to media. 54% of women believe that their families and friends would support them if they started their business. 

In the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem section, a quarter of the interviewed said that the conditions for starting a business had become worse over the past three months. Only 12% of the respondents consider those conditions favourable. 82% of women entrepreneurs believe that now it is easy to receive education in the field of business. In addition, the infrastructure, thanks to which mothers can leave their children in pre-school institutions not far from work, helps them in doing this. 

In the Personal Qualities section, women entrepreneurs were asked to answer questions about changing relations in the team, personal life, and developing their professional qualities. One third of women notice positive changes in the collective. More than 50% of the respondents say their personal life has improved. The same number of all those interviewed expect future improvements. 

Women who are only planning to enter entrepreneurship, for the most part, are oriented to the field of services. Half of the respondents named it during their interviews. The second most popular sphere for starting entrepreneurs is trade, it was chosen by 43% of women. Only 7% of women expressed their desire to work in production. 

Material well-being is considered the primary impetus for starting a business. 48% of women interviewed think so. One third of women want to enter business to realize their ideas. Two groups of respondents, each amounting to 8%, are interested in starting a business to spend more time with family and acquire a higher status in society. 

Those women who are already engaged in business expressed their desire to continue their activity to self-realize and bring use to other people. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov