What to Teach Professionals?

What to Teach Professionals?

Kristina Ptukha on the main competencies of the 21st century

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Kristina Ptukha is a specialist in the field of andragogy, which is adult-focused teaching. She deals with training of personnel in major companies, helps specialists use their skills and resources in the most efficient way and manage their energy rationally.

Kristina Ptukha - Managing Partner at Step Up Consulting, specialist in andragogy, author of books on coaching and sales

In the modern world, a specialist must be multifunctional to successfully develop in the professional field. At the same time, it is important that he or she devotes time to not only self-development and career but also family and finds the balance between these two spheres of life. Kristina Ptukha and her team help people do it optimally, achieve the goals set, find motivation, and develop in the right direction making the strategy of one’s personal development. Step Up Consulting hosts motivational events in different formats, for example, in the form of games.

Kristina Ptukha has upwards of 15 years of experience in teaching and coaching at leading global corporations.


As an expert, she shared several pieces of advice for those who strive to have a successful career. She advised to invest in oneself as much as possible and develop constantly. Ms. Ptukha believes that modern specialists should spend their time on acquiring new knowledge, skills, and competencies.

“One must run quickly to have a steadfast position in the professional world and remain a demanded specialist. One must run even quicker to develop professionally and achieve bigger results”, emphasizes Kristina Ptukha.

Even experienced professionals shouldn’t be ashamed to learn. Modern technologies help to find an answer to any question in several seconds. Educational programmes provide a number of opportunities for self-development. The main thing is to carefully check the information and responsibly approach to learning process.


According to Kristina, two key competencies predetermine a person’s success in career in a company. The first one is the ability to set the right goals and move towards them. The second competency is the capacity to adapt to changes happening inside of a corporation and in the world.

Many problems such as dismissal from office or failure to step up one’s career faced by employees of different companies are caused by the absence of those competencies. Kristina Ptukha believes that any specialist can acquire the necessary skills if he or she learns to rely on oneself, listen to oneself, and understand the source of one’s motivation and inspiration.

Ms. Ptukha herself is inspired by seeing the result of her work. She likes to help people cope with professional and personal tasks and find motivation to develop. She sees the changes in the person whom she helped and feels that her work was worth it.


The feature of Step Up Consulting techniques lies in uniting creative methods, spiritual approaches, and business practices. Kristina Ptukha sees huge potential for development in that.

An increasing number of people start to perceive professional activities not only as the way to earn money. They combine exact calculations and strategies with abstract spiritual concepts and consider such approaches effective. For example, many leading world-level businesspersons say that they charge with energy and inspiration during meditation.


Kristina Ptukha is a person who not only teaches other people but also constantly learns. She obtained several higher educations and has three diplomas of translator.

Ms. Ptukha obtained a degree in economy and education in andragogy in Russia. She actively uses both specialties in her work. At the higher education institution where she studied, the students of all faculties could also master foreign languages. After graduating from the university, Kristina Ptukha received three diplomas in the field of translation. Today, the expert works with international companies where employees are representatives of different countries and cultures. That is why her diplomas turned out very useful.


In addition, Kristina Ptukha obtained Western education in instructional design, which forms the basis of andragogy. She studied the theory and practice of the development of training.

Today, women make a significant part of pedagogues. The reason is that women naturally have the desire to share their most valuable things with people around, can feel people and find the necessary approach to any person. Kristina Ptukha is not an exception. She found her place in life. That is why Ms. Ptukha enjoys every day, communication with people, and the chance to be useful to them. She recommended women worldwide to never forget about themselves. Bringing use to others is an important and responsible thing. However, in the first turn, one should be a happy and self-sustaining person in order to help others.

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov