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Women 20 is a group created as an outreach group of the Group of Twenty (G20). Women's full involvement into economic and social processes is W20's goal. Participants of the group are to consult the Group of Twenty on development of women's agenda and gender inclusiveness. That allows men to look at economic processes in a different way and use women's strong potential for solving global problems and achieving sustainable development.

Гюльдан_T.jpg Gülden Türktan
Founder and the First President of the W20, Chairperson of the Board of IWF Turkey, former President of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER)

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W20 2019 Tokyo Summit W20 2019 Tokyo Summit

Every year G20 is hosted by one country and this year the presidency of the G20 resides with Japan. The summit was held in Osaka on June 28-29. A bit earlier there was the W20 summit in Tokyo in March. Gülden Türktan, Founder of W20, shared some details.

Summit of W20 in Argentina: How It Was Summit of W20 in Argentina: How It Was

W20 annually holds summits in different countries that are the members of organization. November 20, 2018 was the day of handover of the Presidency of Women 20 – W20 from Argentina to Japan. The meeting was held in CCK – Kirshner Cultural Center – in Buenos Aires.

W20 Communiqués W20 Communiqués

The news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community has entered into a friendly agreement with the Founder of the W20 Gülden Türktan: we have created a special section dedicated to the history and activity of the organisation of the W20 on our web portal. Many documents published in the new section will be presented in Russian for the first time.

W20: How It Developed W20: How It Developed

The forums’, summits’, and congresses’ main value is a productive communication and collaboration among their participants. The Summer Peace Summit in Brussels brought together women from 14 countries, representatives from different communities. Many of them have already started realising joint projects as well as sharing experience and resources for achieving common goals. Within the summit, Marina Volynkina, Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community information agency, reached agreement about cooperation with Gülden Türktan, Founder and first Chair of W20. We are launching a new section on our web portal. There we will regularly publish articles about W20’s activity.

Gülden Türktan: “Peace Is When People Feel United” Gülden Türktan: “Peace Is When People Feel United”

Peace 50 community brought together active, powerful, and wise women from 14 countries. This summer, they met at the Summer Peace Summit in Brussels in order to discuss issues related to preservation of peace and development of the world, exchange ideas, and talk about cooperation. Every participant of the Summit told about her activity and shared her experience and accomplishments. Gülden Türktan, Founder of Women 20 (W20), emphasized that maintenance of peace is the priority task that can be addressed only through joint efforts of different countries.

The Iron Lady Gülden Türktan The Iron Lady Gülden Türktan

Gülden Türktan achieves success in anything she takes up. She inspires and motivates many people around her. Her colleagues call her the Iron Lady and do not stop admiring her energy, commitment, and creative approach to solving issues. Ms. Türktan is the woman who has much to learn from. She is the woman who joyfully teaches.