Women Changing Cities

Women Changing Cities

About the role of women in organising urban spaces 

The ‘Favourable Environment for Living and Organisation of Urban Spaces. The Role of Women in Changing the Urban Environment’ panel discussion was held within women’s forum in Novokuznetsk. Its supervisors were Director General of the Mono-Cities Development Fund Irina Makiyeva and Founder of the Winzavod Centre of Contemporary Art Sofia Trotsenko. 

Participants discussed existing problems and prospects related to changing urban space in regions and shared practices of establishing creative spaces. Special attention was paid to the role of franchising in the development of urban social sphere and advantages of the franchise model in upscaling various social enterprises. Agnessa Osipova, President of the Russian Franchising Association, shared more details about that.


The architects from Russia and abroad took part in the panel discussion. They presented successful projects in the sphere of organising urban space and pointed out mistakes one should avoid while designing. 

The speakers noted that the improvement of cultural and educational and museum complexes was very important for the regions’ development. 


Vera Ten, an architect and head of project team for the development of Comfortable Urban Environment initiative, stressed that Novokuznetsk could share successful practices of organising urban space with regions of Russia and other countries. Thus, the Centre of Traditional Russian Culture, multifunctional centre with the museum of retro cars, the Palace of Culture, square named after Alexander Vypov, and Grand Medica clinic that is considered the best building project realised in Novokuznetsk have been upgraded thanks to The Five Steps of Improvement project.

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1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

Vera Ten is sure that nowadays it is important to involve citizens into changing the urban space. 

According to her, the citizens actively participate in that process. They vote in polls, share their points of view, and suggest improvements of the urban space. 

For example, today citizens of Novokuznetsk choose the territory that is to be improved in 2020. 

It was noted that for the three years of the Comfortable Urban Environment project’s operation, women and children had been the most active in votes and discussions. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin