Nature is life. It is no accident that Russia declared 2017 to be the Year of Ecology. Depletion of resources, water and air pollution, inadequate waste treatment… We can list such global problems for a very long time. However, the situation in the modern world is not hopeless, as even the most difficult issues can be resolved with the participation of indifferent people. 

Albina Dudareva, Deputy Executive Director of the association of the inter-regional social-economic interaction called The Central Federal District, with the great interest told us why it is so important to improve environmental situation in Russia and how to do it. 

“Nowadays environmental security is a topical issue. The Constitution of the Russian Federation provides us with the right to a favourable environment. However, it is important to remember that the state of nature depends primarily on us”, she said. 


Everyone can help the environment through developing the principles of nature loving in themselves, people close to them and their acquaintances. Promotion of love of nature should start in the very childhood. That is why Albina Dudareva and her colleagues delivers lectures in children's institutions. Those lectures are devoted to resource efficiency and respect for the environment. 

“Once I heard a conversation between my two grandchildren. My younger grandson was brushing his teeth when his elder brother came and intercepted the flow of water saying: “What are you doing? Do you remember about resource efficiency? We must use water more efficiently otherwise fish won’t have a place to live in.” Such a story is a good example of how we can pay attention to global problems in domestic situations”, said Albina Dudareva. 

She is sure that through uniting their efforts people can cope with the most serious problems. Together with her colleagues, she organized an action urging Russian citizens to go to voluntary Saturday work. It can be called general cleaning, as 4.5 million people joined it. 

“Speaking about ecology and environmental security, we do not ask people to immediately recycle their waste or to take other extensive measures. The idea is that they must first think about the idea that technological progress brings not only use but harm as well. But they can contribute to nature even through planting a tree or cleaning up the yard”, she added. 

More large-scale measures to preserve the environment are now being taken at the state level. Albina Dudareva said that now many industrial enterprises switch to technologies that do not harm nature. The state determines the period in which such companies can install new equipment without receiving fines. 

Today special attention is paid to agriculture. Increased production leads to increased waste. That is why it is important that agricultural organizations introduce processing of waste into their technological cycle. 

Within the framework of the Year of Ecology the organization of Albina Dudareva holds several major events. One of them is the initiative called Electronic. 

“Nature has scattered heavy metals across the planet. However, people again concentrate them in landfills where they decompose and damage our health. That is why, within the framework of this project, we will encourage people to take electronics for recycling. In this case, expensive metals will be extracted, and we will not damage our planet through production of metals. We call this rational nature management”, she commented. 

Nature really unites. Many countries start active work in cooperation on preserving the environment. Albina Dudareva noted platform called IPLA uniting about 670 municipalities in more than 70 countries. Such an international organization aims at assisting local authorities in the implementation and development of modern waste management systems. Annually one of the countries participating in the IPLA platform holds a forum. Russia held such an event in 2015. It gathered more than 2000 participants and 50 international experts. Last year, representatives of Russia visited the forum in Australia. Albina Dudareva is sure that such meetings are necessary, because they allow the participants not only to discuss and identify problems they have but also to find ways of their solution, and to unite efforts in the struggle for a clean and happy future for the whole world. 

It is interesting that, according to Albina Dudareva, women have an important role in solving global environmental problems. Women with their incredible social activity and indifferent attitude to the world around them make a huge contribution to the preservation of nature. 

“I have been engaged in environmental security for many years. As a mother and a grandmother, I am sincerely concerned about the state of the world that we will give to future generations. I understand that today we need to act, change something in order to preserve the beauty and health of the world around us. And it is important for everyone to understands this”, said Albina Dudareva. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov