Women Doctors Bring Changes

Women Doctors Bring Changes

“Women give birth to human beings on the Earth. But women doctors also perform delivery and contribute to saving the baby’s life. No mission in the world is more important than that of women doctors,” said Grigory Kuranov, State Duma Deputy. His words became the motto of the First All-Russian Forum held under name Health Of Women And Children In The Russian Federation: Social And Health Aspects.


On the 25th of November in the framework of the Forum in the Federation Council there was a round table devoted to international cooperation of government bodies and civil society organizations to improve health care maintaining for women and children. The representatives of the Medical Women's International Association, members of scientific and educational organizations and medical institutions and experts from Russia and Central Europe participated in it.


Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council, was the moderator of the forum. According to her opinion international cooperation of civil society organizations will contribute to finding new methods in solving social and health issues of women's and children's healthcare. She conveyed greetings from Valentina Matvienko, the Chairperson of the Federation Council, whose policy is mainly aimed at international cooperation and women's and children's health issues.


During the round table its participants shared experience, talked about their activity and offered cooperation to colleagues from other countries.

Thus Lyudmila Kozlova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council of the Social Policy Committee, noted in her speech the importance of healthy lifestyle and preventive health care in the modern medical activity area. She also said that the Russian law On Stimulation and Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle is already under development.


Olga Goncharova, President of Russian Medical Woman Association, said that today in Russia maternity schools revive, and while consultations an emphasis is laid on healthcare awareness campaign. She also reported about making Russian private health care facility register in order to prevent money chase from patients. 


MWIA representatives told about their various projects on women’s health, support of new parents, preventing violence against women and senior citizens, human trafficking, etc. Human genetics specialist Gabrielle Du Bous from Böblingen highlighted that Germany invests more and more money into healthcare, drawing attention on obstetrics and gynecology.


The topics of discussion were not only dedicated to healthcare. It turned out that while Russia has 69% level of female participation in medical system, Canada has only 40%. However, MWIA General Secretary Dr. Shelley Ross says that nowadays 50% of Canadian medical students are girls. MWIA tries to involve as many women to the profession as possible and also tries to engage them in NGOs.


Women-doctors not only strive to cure people, but also prevent some possible diseases and solve different problems in healthcare systems. Being sensitive, they want to make world the better place, to make all children smile and to support all the new mothers.


Bettina Pfleiderer, MWIA president supposes that “it is really important for women to keep and spread the healthcare values”. Khatuna Kaladze, vice-president of MWIA called women-doctors “ambassadors of change” as she is sure that they are the people who can solve individual and global problems.

Galina Karelova drew her attention on every report and talked to every participant. She also invited them to the second Eurasian Women’s Forum which will be held in 2018.

Viktoria Ezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov and Nikolay Boykov