Women for a Clean Planet

Women for a Clean Planet

The Second Eurasian Women's Forum on Environmental Issues 

The Second Eurasian Women's Forum is to draw much attention to environmental issues. Irina Gekht, a member of the Forum's Organizing Committee, spoke in detail about the venues for the upcoming event.  

The Committee for Rural Women under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is to hold an expanded meeting on the starting day of the Forum, 19 September. Representatives of the German Association of Rural Women are to take part in the session. The two organizations plan to sign a cooperation agreement at the meeting. Irina Gekht emphasized that the Russian–German agricultural-political dialogue is already on today. 

The first day of the forum holds two expert discussions. One of them is ‘Women for Energy of the Future’. The participants of the meeting are to talk about the opportunities of a ‘green’ economy, the need for efficient use of resources, the use of alternative energy sources and the role that women play in ensuring and preserving the planet. Representatives of major Russian and international companies are to share their experience in the implementation of projects aimed at protecting the environment; talk about technologies and inventions of the sector developed by women. 

The second expert discussion is to cover the topic of climate change and to present the substantiated studies by major international organisations, including the UN. 

Scientific research proved that women and children are most affected by climate change. They are more likely than other segments of the population to migrate, face hunger, disease and other disasters caused by climate change. 

In this regard, the session is to address issues of food and epidemiological security. Experts will also talk about the impact of heavy industry and the energy sector on the climate change process. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency