Women in Culture: Traditions and Innovations

Women in Culture: Traditions and Innovations

Open debate at the Second EWF 

The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum held an open debate titled ‘Women in Culture: Traditions and Innovations’. The participants discussed the role of women in preserving cultural heritage and priority areas of cooperation for women’s cultural organisations. 

Alla Manilova, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, was the debate’s moderator. She invited people, who contributed greatly to the development of museum studies and culture, to the meeting. 

Konstantin Sukhenko, Chairperson of the Government of St. Petersburg Committee on Culture, delivered a welcome address. He highlighted the great role of women in the sphere of his activity and on behalf of the city’s governor thanked them for their work and sincere contribution to creating, preserving, and popularising cultural heritage. 

Elena Drapeko, member of the State Duma, told about the activity of State Duma Committee on Culture. She mentioned the personnel of the Committee is mostly female. 

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The politician is sure: now we should not equate women with men. Instead, we have to strive for achieving gender-balanced staff while keeping gender differences. 

According to Hermine Naghdalyan, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia and a mother of five, women should realise and feel what they can do for younger generations. She called for those present to pay as much attention as possible to saving cultural heritage. That is essential for children to know the history of their country. 

Elena Kalnitskaya, Director General of Peterhof State Museum-Reserve, shared about the great number of women working in museum studies. Besides, she is the second female head of the Museum for the last 100 years. Interestingly enough, she began her career in culture as cloakroom attendant in The State Hermitage Museum. 

Svetlana Bezrodnaya, People’s Artist of Russia, is sure: women are literally meant for art. In the early 90es, she created a female-only academic chamber orchestra. Together they gave concerts all over the world. 

Vera Dementieva, head of Pavlovsk State Museum, walked the participants through the history of that cultural sight. She shared that Maria Feodorovna, the spouse of Paul I of Russia, established Pavlovsk. She was a strict orderer, as it was important for her to create a place of tranquility and spiritual balance. In conclusion, Ms. Dementieva highlighted that now both culture and politics require women’s heart. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Photos by IPA CIS Press Service

Translated by Nikolay Boykov