Women Reconsidered

Women Reconsidered

Women bring into our world good, harmony and well-being. They always try to share their love and care, to help all those who lacks support and to contribute to the society. Many women put their efforts in solving important social problems. After teaming-up they will be able to attain global aims. The International Congress of Women of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS Countries took place in Novosibirsk on July 3-4. Bakhtier Khakimov, special representative of the President on the SCO issues, joined the plenary session with his report.

He said that all the participants became the part of an outstanding event having been prepared since November 2016. The political development on the Congress, according to him, can give a qualitatively new direction to the SCO's activities and accelerate cooperation within BRICS.


Bakhtier Khakimov expressed confidence about the work within the framework of the Congress. In his opinion, it will enrich the overall vision of the contribution that women can make to the development of different spheres of society. After all, women now do incredibly much to make the lives of others happy, prosperous and materially and spiritually rich.

Although the SCO is a relatively young organization, today it is among the leading multilateral organizations, embodying trust and equal partnership. Residents of the SCO countries represent almost half of the world's population. These countries occupy an incredibly large area, and it is noteworthy that such different states have one global goal: to strengthen security and stability in the world. Women certainly play an important role in it.


Rashid Alimov, SCO Secretary General, sent his greetings to all of the participants in a letter. Bakhtier Khakimov cited that letter, which noted that the role of women in society was growing rapidly. Member States of the SCO seek to fully support the ladies and to create comfortable conditions for realization of their potential. Now there are works focused on improving the legislative framework. SCO takes measures for solving problems related to ensuring women's legal, economic and social protection. All this is overwhelmingly important for achieving the goals of equality development. In his letter Rashid Alimov wished the participants of the Congress favorable work and success in implementation of new ideas.


“Today, we discovered the road that will lead us to new heights. As Maxim Gorky once said, the beauty of the culture is determined by attitude towards women. And I think that soon we will reach new heights. We will not only know the role of women in society, but also learn to treat it a bit differently”, said Bakhtier Khakimov. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov