Women’s Forum in Novokuznetsk: Thanks for Hospitality!

Women’s Forum in Novokuznetsk: Thanks for Hospitality!

Kuzbass volunteers showed how big Siberian heart is 

Work of the ‘Role of Women in Developing Industrial Regions’ forum in Novokuznetsk started one day before the official start of the event. Early in the morning, guests from Russia and other countries began arriving in Kuzbass. Welcoming, goodhearted, and positive volunteers, students from different higher education institutions of the region, met them at the airport and at hotels. 

The volunteers sincerely strived to be helpful for every guest. They put all their efforts in order the forum could bring the maximum of positive emotions to the participants. The students not only explained the location of the events but also accompanied the guests to those places, willingly entered into a dialogue with the participants, told about themselves and traditions of their region, and answered any questions. Despite they worked from early morning to late evening, no volunteer looked tired. 


Such responsibility, warm-heartedness, and hospitality are the key traits of Siberian people. 

The forum in Novokuznetsk was held at the highest level and interested people of completely different ages and professions. Women from different countries demonstrated that they had what to tell the world and what to share with people around. They inspired all those present by their role models. 


It is interesting that not only young women but also young men became volunteers at the women’s forum. That once again proves that women’s agenda is interesting not only to women. 

The forum platforms helped exchange positive emotions and experience in all fields. Thus, not only participants established useful communication links: the volunteering students also gained much new knowledge. They acquired the experience of organisational work, improved their spoken English when speaking with international guests, expanded their worldviews, and uplifted their communication skills. They met women who are real leaders from different countries whose success stories and experience inspire other people. In their turn, the students gave the participants good mood and much positive energy.

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Upon the end of the event, many volunteers asked the participants about their impressions of the forum. It was important for Kuzbass students to ensure that their guests were pleased and happy with the event. Their work was highly appreciated. 

Many participants stressed the rich official and cultural programme of the event that impressed them much. They also mentioned the excellent work of the volunteers. 

The students made a great contribution to the creation of that amazingly warm atmosphere of the forum in Novokuznetsk. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov