Women’s Health Is Nation’s Health

Women’s Health Is Nation’s Health

Preserving working women’s health discussed in Novokuznetsk 

The strategic session titled ‘Preserving Health of Working Women in Industrial Regions’ was held on the platform by Grand Medica medical clinic as part of women’s forum in Novokuznetsk. The Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation supported the event. Yekaterina Lakhova, member of the Federation Council Committee on the Federal Structure, Regional Policies, Local Self-Governance, and Affairs of the North and Chairperson of Russian Women’s Union, acted as a moderator of the session. 

PhDs in Medicine, outstanding doctors, and professors participated in the event. They discussed the issues of women’s healthcare within the National Strategy for Women, promoting motivation for healthy lifestyle, and disease prevention. The participants exchanged practices and ideas of solving relevant issues. They also prioritised creation of most favourable conditions for successful and safe everyday work of women in industrial regions. 


The programmes realised by Evraz West-Siberian Metallurgical Complex served as examples of socially responsible approach to women’s healthcare. In the framework of those programmes, corporate manufacturing health centre is being actualised. 

Tatyana Laputenko, Deputy Chief Doctor for Therapeutics of Grand Medica, shared her impressions of the meeting. She mentioned modern women being vibrant and determined. They strive to cover it all. Many of them make great strides. However, such life rhythm can affect their health adversely. 


According to the specialist, women, in the first instance, should be responsible for their health. 

Many problems can be averted if one gets rid of bad habits, starts to eat healthy, gets enough sleep, performs regular physical activity, and avoids stressful situations where possible. 

Ms. Laputenko highlighted medical facilities playing a significant role in preserving women’s health as well. She shared about her clinic’s special programmes involving hormonal status investigation, complex ultrasound imaging, X-ray diagnosing, and consultations with specialists including oncologists. Any woman wishing to undergo an assessment can do it whenever she can. 


Such programmes provide the opportunity of detecting various diseases early and cure them in time. 

Women contribute greatly to developing all spheres of society. They successfully fulfil themselves as leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. It is essential for them to be healthy in order to perform effectively at work. Moreover, women are mothers who should care not only about their bodies. The sphere of their responsibility applies to their families and the youth. Thus, it would be right to say that women’s health is nation’s health. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov