Yanina Dubeykovskaya on a new Women Influence Community project 

For women in business it is more important to solve social problems than benefit financially. Yanina Dubeykovskaya told about her project aimed at discovery and promotion of women’s influence, a new resource for development of the world. 

Yanina Dubeykovskaya - President of the World Communication Forum Association, founder of the Women Influence Community, expert in the sphere of corporate, social, and political communication, PhD, and European champion in Tai Chi with a sabre. 

Yanina has great experience in running companies and management. However, a few years ago she realised that her main mission was making our world a better place. She is sure that communication, exchange of experience, and erasure of borders between different countries greatly contribute to effective development. That is why she founded and headed the biggest communication forum in the world. 


Later Yanina realised that women’s influence was one of the most powerful resources for development of the world. According to Yanina, men and women have different role models. Representatives of both sexes should complete one another instead of adopting untypical qualities and turning into a cross between man and woman. Nowadays we need a new approach and balanced strategy of women’s influence. 

“Women’s influence is a new oil, resource that must be discovered, explored and used correctly”, thinks Yanina Dubeykovskaya. She created the Women Influence Community project aimed at studying and extraction of such a resource for the development of the world. 

There are six main ways of influence. Three of them are spheres where male role models are very frequent: business, professionalism, and citizenship. However, we already have many women who achieve great results being influential entrepreneurs and professionals. Their behaviour and influence on the society differ from male ones. The other ways of influence are maternity, creativity, and inspiration (being a muse). 

“We have a community site where women answer the questionnaires, share their success stories, and tell about their influence on surrounding reality. Besides, we do case studies. It helps us understand what are the differences between male and female influence and how to use that resource effectively”, explains Yanina. 

Women Influence Community project is not limited by only internet space. According to Yanina, different countries hold forums and club meetings, participants of which not only share opinions and experience but also formulate a common philosophy. Yanina thinks that one of the society’s main tasks now is to provide strategic framework for movements supporting women. 

Yanina Dubeykovskaya often visits different countries and speaks with women from all over the world. She mentioned that Russian women truly understand differences between genders and are fully emancipated. They know in which direction to move and are ready to act. 

“It is important to keep a clear demarcation between yin and yang. If there is no black and white, there is no development of potential”, thinks Yanina. 

Yanina herself combines both facets. She shared that she is the European champion in exercises with a sabre. She headed big teams and projects. Nevertheless, she has always been a woman with a soft power. Yin and yang are reflected in her name. This metaphor is especially important for Yanina. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated buy Yan Zarubin