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Women Science

Women Rule 

Great Britain’s Labour Party together with Labour Women’s Network launch the new programme which will help women enter the politics. Within the next five years more than 600 ladies will take special courses which will help them to put themselves forward for being elected mayors, councilors, MPs, etc. According to BBC, the programme is launched in honour of Jo Cox, MP killed in Birstall, West Yorkshire in June. 

Every Woman Is Important 

On the 21st of September there was a new five-year programme called Making Every Woman and Girl Count launched by UN Women in New York.

Its main aim is collecting information about gender inequality, for instance, where and how much legal discrimination persists, what the level of women's representation in power structures is, what ownership women have, etc.

According to Papa Seck, Chief Statistician of UN Women, it would be easier to solve the inequality problems politically and economically correct when the organization gets these data.

According to United Nations Women, the programme will be implemented in 12 pathfinder countries. The programme will provide National Statistics Officers training, strengthening the capacities of the governmental bodies, civil society organizations and academics through research grants. Also there are online platforms to develop. They will serve as information hubs on gender data.   

Women In Aviation In The First Place 

The India Chapter of Women in Aviation International celebrated its professional day.  

Pocket News Alert reports that, the celebration of Girls in Aviation Day took place in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad on the 26th of September. The programme  was aimed at attracting women's attention to aviation as their future career full of opportunities. By the way, a special group of women professionals from various sectors of aviation do the same.

The girls from the age group of 11 to 17 took part in the celebration and used an opportunity to speak to some of the aviation stalwarts.

"Celebrating Girls in Aviation Day is set to lead women empowerment in the sphere of  aviation industry. Personal inspiration by successful women aviators as role models and mentors can be instrumental in motivation. With Aviation expansion plans in India I foresee a sharp rise in jobs and women conquering aviation technology and being change agents in the industry", said Neelam Pratap Rudy, Vice President of The India Chapter of Women in Aviation International. The celebration continues on the 29th of September in Bangalore. 

For Men Only

Representatives of Chinese Women’s Film Festival are calling for more female roles in cinematography. They are planning to write an open letter to the major Chinese cinema companies asking them to make their films in accordance with Bechdel Test. To pass it, a film needs to have at least two named female characters, who speak to each other not about men. According to BBC, the letter will be signed by at least 50 famous actors. Moreover, after the Festival closes everyone can sign it too.

In an interview with the Associated Press a festival chairman Li Dan said that modern cinematography contains very specific stereotypes concerning women. Women in films are basically looking pretty and searching for good husbands, but there is a certain lack of strong female roles. 

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