Yael & The Mothers: Music for Peace

Yael & The Mothers: Music for Peace

Yael Deckelbaum’s groundbreaking women’s project

Yael Deckelbaum is a founding member of an Israeli folk band called ‘Habanot Nechama’. The singer performed on one stage with such world-famous musicians as Suzanne Vega, Chris Cornell, Tom Chaplin, Livingston Taylor, Sir George Martin, and others. Social activity and peacekeeping takes an important place in her life. Yael Deckelbaum created a groundbreaking ensemble called ‘Yael & The Mothers’. Its participants advocate for uniting for the sake of peace on the planet. 

Yael Deckelbaum - Famous award-winning Israeli-Canadian singer-songwriter and activist 

Everything started in 2016 when she wrote a song titled ‘Prayer of The Mothers’ to support the March of Hope organised by Women Wage Peace movement. Ms. Deckelbaum was very inspired after having met women mothers united by their common desire to influence the political leaders and to end the war between Israel and Palestine. 

Then thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women marched together in a joint prayer for peace. Leymah Gbowee, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, joined the action. The video clip of the March went viral and reached over 8 million views on Facebook and YouTube. After that, such peace marches with Yael’s participation took place in Spain, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Washington, Brazil, Italy, France, and Sweden. 

Eventually, a whole women ensemble called ‘Yael & The Mothers’ was formed. Today, it includes twelve women of secular, religious, Arabic, Christian, and Jewish backgrounds. They carry the message of the new world through their music. 

“In this world, we see the beauty of our diversity, unite above religions and nationalities, and restore the forgotten values of kindness, mutual responsibility, and hope”, says Yael Deckelbaum about the ensemble. 

‘Yael & The Mothers’ started releasing new songs, making studio recordings, and travelling around the whole world. They performed at festivals in front of tens of thousands of people all over Europe, in the USA, and in Canada. Through their creativity, Yael Deckelbaum and her like-minders speak about peace and love within diversity. 

In 2018, Ms. Deckelbaum started working on the production of a new album titled ‘Women of The World Unite’. It is composed of songs she has written being inspired by the outburst of the female energy around the world. All songs are devoted to peace, compassion, maternal responsibility, environmental care, and positive changes. The album will be released in June 2019. 

Yael Deckelbaum believes that women mothers are strong peacekeepers. No one will dare to say that a woman, who wants her child not to die in any war, is wrong. 

According to Ms. Deckelbaum, a global women’s movement advocating for peace and against war is being formed today. Everything started in Liberia, Africa. The influence of women was so strong that the authorities had to listen to them look for a solution to end the war. Women of Israel and Palestine followed that example. More and more women from all over the globe are gradually joining the movement for peace. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov