Yana Frank: ‘There Will Be Power and There Will Be Will’

Yana Frank: ‘There Will Be Power and There Will Be Will’

On a renowned illustrator’s challenging path to success

Yana Frank is the illustrator known on the net under the nickname Miu Mau. 100 thousand people per daily read her blog. Ms. Frank inspires people with her talent, ability to efficiently manage time, and love for life. Despite many challenges, the artist achieved major professional success, found herself, and defeated a serious disease. Today, she is pleased to share all her knowledge and experience with people around.

Yana Frank - illustrator, author of books, blogger

Yana Frank was ‘infected’ with love for creativity in her childhood. Her mother was an illustrator too. She was drawing and painting for days and thus inspired her little daughter. When Yana Frank was an adolescent, she already understood what profession she would choose and what genre she would develop in. Ms. Frank graduated from an art college in Dushanbe and then moved to Germany with her family. There she was to receive a new education in order to keep working within her profession.

She tried to enter an academy where she had long wanted to study. Yana Frank was said there was no talent seen in her and was refused to become the academy’s student. However, she exactly knew that she wanted to become an artist and was ready to pursue her goal.


Yana Frank was educated in the field of advertising graphics and worked as a designer, an art director, and a creative director in agencies for a long time. Today, Ms. Frank is known in a number of countries as a talented illustrator and author of many books.

“At first, I was in a challenging situation. I wanted to make career but I had a baby. I had to accurately manage my time. It was important for me to fulfil my potential, achieve success in what I was doing, and be a good mother”, she recalls.

In her book titled ‘The Muse and the Beast’, Yana Frank told about how she managed to organise her time so that she could have enough time for work, household duties, and family care. The illustrator is convinced that such an experience will be useful to many women irrespective of their profession.


Ms. Frank started with drawing comic books and creating illustrations for magazines. Later, she wrote her own books on self-development and illustrated them. Over time, publishing houses producing literature on the same topic offered their cooperation.

In 2003, the artist was diagnosed with cancer. Over 2 years, she overcame 12 surgeries, several times was in a critical state, and underwent chemotherapy. As a result, the disease was successfully defeated.

Yana Frank spent much time for rehabilitation but kept on writing books, blogging, and drawing. She has always wanted to share her thoughts with people around and be useful to them.

It was challenging to return to the habitual lifestyle. As a result of the chemotherapy, Ms. Frank’s eyesight has deteriorated. She underwent a number of medical procedures and 7 surgeries. Then Yana Frank started to use alternative methods of treatment and literally learned ‘to see’ with her brain those things that she couldn’t see with her eyes. She wrote a book titled ‘There Will Be Power and There Will Be Will’ about her challenging path. Today, as an author, Ms. Frank pays much attention to topics related to human brain.


Yana Frank defeated her disease but that wasn’t the end of her path. She still works with patients, helps them with rehabilitation, and carries out charity projects.

“I believe that creative people are conventionally subdivided into artists, writers, film directors, and musicians. Sometimes, when painting, one can come to a brilliant idea of the plot for a book or a film”, she noted.

There are many creative people in Ms. Frank’s family. For example, her granduncle Herz Frank was a documentary filmmaker. He liked to draw and often used his own illustrations in his films. In addition, he wrote books and essays. Yana Frank herself is not only a recognised author and illustrator but also a big lover of dancing. She has been daily dancing afro house for three years already.


“Every person has an interesting and unique inner world. People of art have and amazing ability to share their dreams and thoughts, to demonstrate their world to people around through their works”, said Yana Frank.

Ms. Frank believes that she is a happy person. At her workshops, she often explains that work, career, and vocation are different things that do not always coincide with one another. The happiest person, according to her, is the one who can earn by doing the thing he or she loves and at the same time brings use to other people by fulfilling one’s potential.

“In Russia, women have many opportunities and must certainly use them. It is important that women learn to believe in themselves, feel independent and fully-fledged individuals. They have a whole world inside that they can share with people around”, believes Yana Frank. is Yana Frank’s personal website and online shop.

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov