Yelizaveta Bi-II: It Is Always Beautiful if You Do It with Love

Yelizaveta Bi-II: It Is Always Beautiful if You Do It with Love

About concept developments, inspiration, and people 

Within the SummerPeaceSummit, participants of the Peace-50 community spoke about preservation of peace and development of the world. Women from different countries make every effort bringing harmony, calmness, and beauty to our planet. 

Beauty is a notion charactersed by not only outer qualities but also serious inner sense. Yelizaveta Bi-II, participant of the Peace-50 community and entrepreneur, strongly believes in that. Together with the team of like-minders she brings beauty to the world and shares love for life with people around. Always Beautiful is a project combining creativity, innovations, and intelligence. 

Yelizaveta Bi-II - Founder and idea initiator of the company on concept developments ‘Always Beautiful’ 

Yelizaveta started her creative career in 2005 when she was working as Art Director of the cinema network. Then, she was organising film premiers and decorating the space. Customers were delighted with her creative and highly professional approach. Eventually, Yelizaveta came up with the idea of creating her own agency. 


Always Beautiful has been existing on the market for 12 years already. The company has been changing and developing during those years. However, the concept remains unchanged: do it not only beautiful but also with love. 

Today Always Beautiful deals with four main directions: creating image of space, development and creation of decorations, organisation of events in various formats, and video production including using 360 and AR/VR technologies. The team has many ideas that are being actively realised. 

Every project contains a certain concept and deep plan. 


According to Yelizaveta, the happiness lays in people around us. She pays much attention to understanding people around and learning their stories.

Lifovit, one of company’s projects, is aimed at that. Interesting media persons: actors, musicians, directors, and representatives of many other professions take part in the programme. However, they don’t answer the common questions. They use alphabet as a basis for the monologue where every letter stands for the word, notion, name or event having a special meaning for a person. That allows avoiding template biography stories and making people think as well as turn to their emotions and feelings.

All that is only a small part of work of the Always Beautiful team. The company realises many online and offline projects putting into practice even the most unbelievable ideas. 


Yelizaveta is proud of her team she managed to form. It has been important for her that she works with specialists who are passionate about and believe in what they do. 

The company has a document, in which all the principles and values of organisation are described. Every new employee studies it before becoming a part of the team. That allows uniting people with common interests and life values. All the members of the team including Yelizaveta herself are ambitious perfectionists putting their hearts into work. 

It is important that every person’s action is filled with love. Then it obtains special meaning and gives good results. 

The work of Always Beautiful is related to creativity and innovations. The whole world is the source of Yelizaveta’s inspiration and energy. Sea walks, flights in a helicopter, yoga, and communication with interesting people give her energy and refresh her mind. 


“It is good when you know for sure what inspires you. Our world is full of sources of inspiration and it is important to understand, to which of them you should turn”, thinks Yelizaveta Bi-II. 

By her activity, Yelizaveta strives bring beauty to the world and joy to people around. She sees the meaning of life in finding harmony with yourself, calmness, and happiness and sharing them with people around creating a warm atmosphere all around the world. 

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin